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Q: How many Current premiership and football league managers who have managed international sides?
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What current premiership player has played under 16 premiership managers?

Shay given

Who is only current premiership player to play under 16 different premiership managers?

Shay Given

How many current premiership managers has Alex Ferguson managed?


Who is only current premiership player to play for 16 managers?

Shay Given

Who is the youngest current football premiership manager?

Gareth Southgate (Middlesbrough)

Who are the current premiership champions?

The current premiership champions are Manchester United.

How many soccer managers' sons have become soccer managers?

sir alex ferguson...the current manager of Manchester united football club

How many current premiership managers were born in Glasgow?

Yes, just google it. Clue - Man Utd, Everton, A.Villa, Blackburn, Bolton and Norwich...

How many current premiership managers have won trophies of any kind whilst managing in the Premiership?

Six - Sir Alex Ferguson,Roberto Mancini,Arsene Wenger,Harry Redknapp,Kenny Dalglish,Alex Mcleish

Foreign managers in UK premiership teams?

These are the current foreign managers in the premiership. This means they are from outside the UK. Arsene Wenger (French) of Arsenal Martin Jol (Dutch) of Tottenham Rafa Benitez (Spanish) of Liverpool Sven Goran Erikkson (Swedish) of Manchester City Jose Mourinho (Portugese) of Chelsea

Who are the five current premiership managers who have played with David Beckham?

hughes, Bruce, keane, southgate and david moyes they both played for Preston north end.

Current premiership players who have won the European cup but they have not won the premiership?

Almost anyone in current Liverpool team

Manager of Irish international football team?

At the current, the manager of the Irish international soccer team is Giovanni Trapattoni.

Which current players playing in the English premiership have more than 100 international caps?

kasey Keller and Edwin van der saar

Who are the top 10 longest serving current managers in English professional football?

Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger,

In the current socio culture political legal economic and international crisis in Pakistan give your opinion how managers can market their product and services?

The current socio culture political legal economic and international crisis in Pakistan

Current youngest premiership manager?

Roberto Martinez

What current champions league managers have won the competition as players?

one of the three current managers is Carlo ancelloti

How much do football managers get paid?

A manager salary is paid due to the club he manages improve. Some managers earn more than some players. Like the current manager of England is the richest manager i have ever know and heard of. He is even richer than some the players he manages. So when you are talking talking of football managers salary one thing you should know is that i0some football managers are richer some players and some players are richer than some managers.

What is the salary of a football physio?

The Highest current Premiership wage is currently £200,000 per year (Manchester city). There are many others who earn £150,000 in the Premier League.

Who is the current highest paid footballer?

In the Premiership Its Wanye Rooney

How many football teams have played in the premiership?

40 in total between 1992 and current season 2007. See,,12306,00.html

Which Current premiership player scored in very division?

Steve finnan

Which current premiership player has won a world cup medal?


Who is the current highest paid soccer player in the premiership?

Cristiano ronaldo