How many teams in NBA play-offs?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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The top eight teams from each conference make the playoffs. If you win your division you're almost always guaranteed a playoff spot.

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Q: How many teams in NBA play-offs?
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How many NBA teams dont make the playoffs?

With the addition of the Ottawa Redblacks in 2014, 3 teams will not make the playoffs in 2014.

Number of teams in NBA playoffs?

16 teams. 8 from the western conference and 8 from the eastern conference.

What NBA teams made the playoffs with losing records?

What NBA teams made the playoffs with more loses than wins

How many teams were in the nba playoffs last year?

16. Same as the year before that.

How many teams go to the NBA playoffs?

16 8 from the east and 8 from the west

Which NBA teams have never made the playoffs?


How many NBA teams make playoffs?

8 in the eastern conference and 8 in the western conference so a total of 16 teams make the playoffs ervy year

How does the NBA get their team name and why?

name the nba teams from last year playoffs