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Q: What NBA teams have swept there first two opponents in the NBA playoffs?
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Has any NHL team made it to the playoffs and then not win a game?

Yes, many teams have been swept in the first round. None were swept in the first round of the 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs. The last team to be swept in the first round was the Phoenix Coyotes, who were swept by the Detroit Red Wings in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Have all 4 teams advancing ever won the first 3 games in a best of 5 in Major League Baseball playoffs?

As of the start of the 2007 playoffs, no. The most 'sweeps' in the first round of the playoffs has been two and that has happened many times. But never have three teams swept in the first round of the MLB playoffs much less all four teams.

What two teams did the Miami Heat sweep in the 2005 playoffs?

The Miami Heat swept the Washington Wizards and the New Jersey Nets.

Which nba teams are in the playoffs?

The Playoffs are over

How many games does it take to go to the nfl playoffs?

Actually you could go to the playoffs with a record with 0-0-16 if other teams lost all or any of the games, so it depends on your opponents.

How many teams play in the football playoffs?

the 16 best teams. they play in the playoffs.

How many teams can make the MLS playoffs?

12 teams make it into the mls playoffs

How many NFL teams have made playoffs?

all teams made the playoffs once

What NFL teams lost their first three games and made the playoffs?


How many teams make the Major League Baseball playoffs?

8 teams make the MLB playoffs.

How many teams get a bye in the NFL playoffs?

The top two seeds in each conference (NFC and AFC) have a first-round bye in the playoffs, so of the twelve teams that enter the postseason, four have first-round byes.

How many teams make the playoffs in MLB?

Eight. Four teams make the playoffs in each league. There are three divisions in each league and the three teams that wind up in first place in their division make the playoffs. The fourth team to make the playoffs is the team that did not win their division but has the best overall record of all the teams that did not win their division. That team is called the "wildcard" team.

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