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Q: How many teams are playing in the cricket world cup 2011?
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Which teams will be playing in the final of the 2011 cricket world cup?

India and Sri Lanka.

How many teams played in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011?

14 teams

How many nations took part in the world cup cricket in 2011?

14 Teams took part in 2011 cricket world cup

How many teams are there in the 2011 ICC cricket world cup?


Where is the 2011 cricket World Cup going to be?

The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup will be the tenth Cricket World Cup, and will be hosted by three South Asian Test cricket playing countries; India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Which teams have won the cricket world cup?

india won the 2011 edition of the world cup led by dhoni

What is ODI Cricket World Cup?

In One Day International (ODI) Cricket World Cup 50 overs are played per side between two teams. The 2011 Cricket World Cup format is ODI.

Will India win cricket world cup 2011?

Comparing the recent strength of Indian Cricket team under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni with the past teams for the world cup so far ,there is a possibility for the Indian Cricket team to win the world cup 2011.

Which are the teams that are participating in the world cup of cricket in 2011?

14 teams are participating in this world cup 2011. some of these are given below. Australia Newziland England keynia Pakistan India srilanka South Africa

What cricket world cup 2011 teams come from North America?

Only 2. West Indies and Canada.

Who are the brothers that are playing in different teams in the rugby world cup 2011?


Who is winning in the ICC world cup 2011 so far?

So far, none of the teams have won all the matches in the ICC Cricket world cup 2011.Each team has lost at least a match against the other teams.