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As of the 2008 Games, Ireland has won 8 gold medals in Summer Olympic competition.

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Q: How many summer olympic gold medals has Ireland ever won?
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Has Aruba ever won an Olympic medal?

No, Aruba has not yet won any Olympic medals in the summer or winter games.

How many medals are given in olympic games?

Summer ( Every medal ever given out)Gold Medals: 4505Silver Medals: 4473Bronze Medals: 4774Total Summer Medals: 13752Winter ( Every medal ever given out)Gold Medals: 860Silver Medals: 860Bronze Medals: 849Total Winter Medals: 2569Total of all medals: 16321

Does Taiwan ever win any medals in the Olympic Games?

Through the 2010 Games they have won 19 Olympic medals (2 gold, 6 silver, 11 bronze), all in Summer Olympic competition.

What is the most olympic medals ever won by a british competitor?

16 medals

How many gold medals has Nigeria ever won in Olympic?

23 medals

What is the most medals ever won by Great Britain at a single Summer Olympic Games?

In 1908 Great Britain won 146 Olympic Medals (56 Gold 51 Silver 39 Bronze). The Olympics were held in London that year and the 146 medals is by far the most ever won by Great Britain.

Did Baghdatis ever win an Olympic medal in tennis?

Marcos Baghdatis had no Olympic medals.

Did Malta ever win any Olympic medals?

No. As of the 2008 Games, no athlete from Malta has ever won an Olympic medal.

Has Puerto Rico ever won a gold metal?

No. Puerto Rico has won 6 medals (1 silver, 5 bronze) in Summer Olympic competition. All 6 of the medals have been in boxing.

What year was Canada's best olympic record performance ever in the summer Olympics the canadians took home a total of 44 medals?

Boycotted 1980 olympics

Where are olympic gold medals kept?

Where ever they winner wishes to take them.

Has liechtenstein ever hosted the Olympics Games?

Liechtenstein has never hosted the Olympic Games. The country has attended and even earned medals in both summer and winter events.

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