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Q: How many substitutions can be made throughout basketball?
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How many substitutions can be made in euro 2012?


When can substitutions not be made in youth soccer?

Substitutions may be made during any stoppage in play and with the referee's permission. Many leagues modify this rule to limit substitution opportunities, particularly when unlimited substitutions are allowed.

How many players are on basketball teams?

Minimum of basketball team players is 10, and maximum 15. But only 12 players can play in a game, 5 of them will be starters and 7 reserves (substitutions).

How many players can be on the basketball court at one time?

5 on a court and 5 the bench everyone gets one position so you can only shifft people in the same position

How many substitutions can be made in overtime in soccer?

None or up to 3. Depends on what the coach has done previously in the game. Soccer only allows 3 substitutions in any official game.

How many substitutions were made in the last world cup?

one, that was Joe Cullis, he scored 5 goals

How many sports they are?

There are many different sports throughout the world. Football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and baseball are all popular sports throughout the world.

How many substitutions can be made in major league baseball?

There's no limit to substitutions in MLB. Players who have left the game can't be substituted back in, so the limiting factor is the number of players available on the roster (limited to 25 for most of the season).

What the maximum number of substitutes allowed for each team in a soccer team?

FIFA, the international governing body, mandates that in international matches ONLY THREE substitutions be made. However, many youth leauges modify this rule to unlimited substitutions.

How many Substitutions in volleyball?

i want to say 12.

Are these two sports baseball and basketball very popular in the US?

Yes. Both baseball and basketball are very popular in many cities throughout the United States.

Who made the basketball equipment?

There are many basketball equipment manufacturers.Spalding, Baden, Rawlings, Wilson, etc.