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as many as you want but a good number is about Five

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Q: How many substitutes per player in softball game?
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How many player on a softball team?

there should be 9 player in a softball game

How many times can a player sit out during a softball game in a row?

A player can sit out at least 3 times during a softball game in a row.

How many netball substitutes can you have in a game?

You can have only three substitutes in a netball game.

How many substitutes in a netball game?

As many as needed. In proffessional games only 2 substitutes are used.

How many substitutes are there in a basketball game?


How many substitutes are allowed in a soccer game?


In softball how many innings in a game?


How many substitutes are allowed in basketball?

You can substitute freely in basketball. As many players as there are on the bench, that's how many substitutes there are. Players may be taken out of a game and then put back into a game. There is no limit to the amount of times a player can be taken out and put into a game. The only limitation to substituting is that you may not put a player in that has exceed the number of personal fouls allowed in the league. Once a player exceeds that number, they are disqualified and not allowed to play for the rest of the game.

How many players substitutes in one game in baseball?


How many substitutes does Premier League team have in a game?


How many innings in a softball game?


How many strikes do you get in a softball game?


How many strikes in a regulation softball game equal an out?

Three strikes equal one out in a regular softball game.

How many player are on the field in softball?


How many girls are on a softball team?

There are 9 people on the field in a game of softball + reserves.

How many colleges for a softball player?

There are more than 1,200 colleges that have softball programs.

How many substitutes can you have in World Cup 2010?

In a world cup match you can have only five substitutes per each game.

How many player player play on the ground of rugby game?

15 in rugby union, each side, so 30 players total. 7 substitutes are allowed

How many many innings are in a regulation softball game?

about 6

How many player on the field in softball?

There are nine players at a time on the field for fastpitch softball and ten for slow pitch softball

What is a utility player in softball?

A utility player specializes in many positions.

How many innnings is there in an official softball game?


How many innings does a softball game have?

7 innings

How many substitutes on a softball team?

it depends on a 12 person team there are nine playing the field/batting and 3 on the bench so it depends on how many players you have

How many innings are in softball double-headers game?

7 in each game--- 14 innings total is you are playing official softball