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A batter may get up to 3 strikes and 4 balls. After the third strike the batter goes back to his bench. After 4 balls he advances to 1st base.

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Q: How many strikes or balls well the batter get up to?
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What are balls strikes outs and walks called?

Well, they are called balls, strikes, outs, and walks.

How many pitches can a batter see in one at bat?

Here are some answers from the community:Well, if he keeps hitting foul balls he could theoretically stay there forever. Doesn't usually happen though. Three strikes and he's out. Four balls and he walks. Theoretically, unlimited. If the batter keeps hitting 3rd strike foul balls, he could stay there indefinitely.11 pitches. Two outs in the inning, runner on base, 3-2 count, and runner gets caught stealing for the 3rd out. The same batter leads off the next with the same at bat receiving a 3-2 count for a total of 10 pitches, the 11th pitch is a hit, walk, or strike out.

Does a base on balls count as an at bat?

A base on balls counts as a plate appearance but not as an at bat. A base on balls does not affect a batter's batting average. Addendum: it also counts as a time on base, and figures into the batters on base percentage. As well, if the bases are loaded, and the batter is walked, it counts as an R.B.I. for the batter.

How many strikes per baseball game?

the number a can very ... there are 27 outs to be made 3 shrikes to a batter ... that's 81 strikes before the game even starts ... that's not to count all the foul balls hit they count as a strike as well ... you done necessarily face only 27 batters some may get a hit which will push the amount of batter you have to face up ... same applies to a walk, error, hit by pitch and drop 3rd strike ... And, on the other hand, a pitcher could only throw 27 pitches, if every time a batter knocked a ball into play they were flyed out or grounded out; There could be no strikes.

Terminology of softball?

Well there is a lot of it so here are some basic terminology...Foul ball- when the ball is out of boundsstrike- when the batter either swings and misses or hits a foul ball within the first 2 strikes (3 strikes then out)ball- when the pitcher pitches a ball outside the strike zone (4 balls then walk)strike zone- the area where the ball has to be pitchedwalk- when the batter gets 4 balls they get to go to 1st baseand much more...

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What is the maximum of strikes a baseball team can have in one game?

Well considering there are three strikes per out, (excluding foul balls with 2 strikes) and twenty seven outs per game, 27x3= 81, but that is if the other team scored at least a run. So in a nine inning game excluding 2 strike foul balls, 81. But if it goes to extra innings there could be an unlimited amount based on the other team's performance.

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What is the highest score you can get in a single game of bowling?

> Well if you get all strikes in every box you get 120 points.\ Wrong. A perfect game of 12 strikes would score 300. A strike in a frame is worth 10 pins plus the total of the next two balls. Since each of the next two balls is also a strike, the total for the frame would be 30 pins.

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How many referees for a softball game?

There can be 2 or 3 umpires for each softball game. One umpire stands behind home plate and calls balls and strikes as well as other plays on the field. The other two are the first base umpire and the third base umpire.

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What is a rule about baseball?

Well that's pretty generic. The old adage, three strikes and you're out is the best known rule of baseball. Otherwise, each team sends a batter to home plate to try to hit a pitch from the pitcher. If you hit it and someone catches it before it hits the ground, you're out. If it hits the ground, and they throw it to first base before you get there, you're out. If not, you're safe and stay on first base and the next batter comes up. And you keep going until the team at bat makes three outs. Then you change sides and the team in the field comes to bat. Pitches can be balls, not over the plate, or strikes, thrown over the plate. Three stirkes you're out. Four balls and you get a base on balls, called a walk, and can go to first base. The team whose players get all the way around the bases and come back to home plate the most times in 6 or 9 innings wins.

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Why is there plates in baseball?

there are 3 bases and 1 plate (at home), the bases, are how you determine if a runner is safe or out. home plate is designed and shaped so it is used to determine balls and strikes as well as determine where the foul lines start

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What is the score for 2 spares then 3 strikes?

Well, a spare is worth 10 plus the next ball, and a strike is worth 10 plus the next 2 balls. Without seeing the score card, that's all I can tell you.

What happens if you get walked?

In baseball statistics, a base on balls (BB), better known as a walk, is credited to a batter and against a pitcher when a batter receives four pitches that the umpire calls balls. It is called a "walk" because the batter is then entitled to walk to first base, or more specifically (as defined in the rules of baseball) he is "entitled to first base without liability to be put out." Any baserunner who is forced advances as well. Receiving a base on balls does not count as an official at bat for a batter but does count as a plate appearance. A pitcher can also choose to intentionally walk a batter. This is usually done for the purpose of facing a different batter that the team feels they have a better chance of getting out, or to allow a double play possibility if first base is open with less than two outs. A hit by pitch is not considered a walk, though the consequences are often the same for both.

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