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There are 108 "double" stitches on an MLB Baseball.

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Q: How many stitches on MLB baseball?
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How many stitches on an MLB baseball?

There are 108 "double" stitches on an MLB baseball.

How many stitches are on an official MLB baseball?

According to an article found on, the baseball is handstitched together with 216 raised stitches using 88 inches of red cotton thread.

How many stitches does a baseball have?

A baseball has 108 double stitches.

How many stitches are on a Major League Baseball?

There are 216 raised stitches according to Rawlings, the manufacturer of baseballs for MLB. Red cotton thread measuring 88 inches is used in the stitching.

How many stitches used to be on a major league baseball?

There are 108 double stitches on a baseball (Some say 216 stitches

How many stitches does a baseball?


How many stitches are there on baseball?


How many stitches are in a baseball?


Stitches in baseball?

the stitches on the baseball are there so the baseball can curve drop slide and do many other kind of movements... what happens is when you throw a baseball a certain way the baseball stitches catch the air and start to move in the desired way...there are 106 stitches on a baseball

How many stitches on a baseball?

108 stitches in total but, only 106 visible.

Are there 208 stitches on a baseball?

Number of Stiches on a BaseballAccording to Rawlings, manufacturer of baseballs for MLB, there are "exactly 216 raised stitches" in a regulation baseball. There are 216 double stitiches and 108 single onesother way around, there are 108 double stiches or 216 single pitches in an MLB ball

How many stitches are there on a Major League baseball?

According to the Rawlings Sporting Goods website (FanZone link) their are 108 stitches. The site states that for about a quarter of a century Rawlings has been the exclusive supplier of official game balls for MLB.

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