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Q: How many states in the US have an NBA team?
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How many nba teams are located in the u.s?

29 of the 30 teams in the NBA are located in the US. (The Toronto Raptors are the only team located outside the US)

How many NBA team are located in the US?

29,toronto in canada has one too.

What us NBA team holds the most NBA world championships?

The Boston Celtics, with 17 NBA championships.

Who is the number 1 nba team in the us?


What is the smallest us city with a professional sports team?

Oklahoma city. NBA team the Thunder.

Does the nfl or nba sell more team merchandise?

Worldwide it's the NBA, no question. NFL fandom barely exists outside the US.

What was the famous name of the us basketball team in the 1992 Olympics?

They were referred to as "The Dream Team" because it was composed mostly of the top stars in the NBA. It was the first time that NBA players were eligible to play in the Olympics.

How is a Michael Jordan NBa Hoops US basketball team card worth?


Who was coach of the 1996 US Olympic basketball team?

Lenny Wilkins played in the NBA from 1960-1975 and was a 9 time NBA All-Star.

How many NBA teams are there in the US including Canada?

There are 30 NBA teams.

Are most of the nba team located in the easteern or western part of the US?

mostly in the eastern part

How do you get the US baskeetball team on nba live 09?

You should already get it...Just select it on a exhibition game or choose the team on Fiba mode.

Unit that heat is measured in?

energy -- temperature US NBA team -- wins and losses

How many players in Major League Baseball are not US citizens?

how many players in major league baseball are not united states citizens, by team.

How do you get the mens US basketball team on nba 2k9?

Just create a new team and add all players to the roster. The computer will duplicate the players for this squad.

Can i become part of the NBA even tou that i live in Sweden?

not unless Sweden has a NBA team. even if it does, i don't think so because NBA is manily played in USA and only good players in Canada are eligible to play in us.

When was US Equestrian Team created?

United States Equestrian Team was created in 1950.

How many states are larger then us?

how many states are lager then us

How many basketball teams are there in the US?

30 teams in the NBA

How many us NBA player graduated from Harvard?


How long does a team have to get past the half court line?

In the NBA, 8 seconds. In major US college ball, 10 seconds.

How much is a 1992 Karl malone US basketball team NBA Hoops card worth?

Less than 50 cents.

How many athletes are on the US Olympic team in the 2014 winter olympic games?

There are 215 athletes from the United States participating in the Sochi Olympics.

What are the top rated sports related shops in the US?

There are many top rated sports related shops in the US. If you are looking for for NHL, NBA, NFL, or MLB apparel, some top rated sports shops are the shops that are associated with the team itself. Head to your local stadium, or team affiliated website and you will find a great selection of products.

How many professional basketball teams?

30 NBA teams in the US