Does the nfl or nba sell more team merchandise?

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Worldwide it's the NBA, no question. NFL fandom barely exists outside the US.

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Q: Does the nfl or nba sell more team merchandise?
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Which nba team has sold the most merchandise worldwide?

Los angeles Lakers

What teams does the NBA shop sell products for?

The NBA store sells merchandise for all 30 NBA teams.More popular teams have the lion's share of the merchandise,however you can visit the NBA website of your favorite club is under represented in store.

What NBA basketball team sells the most merchandise?

Well as of today the LA Lakers would sell the most merchandise due to Kobe Bryant's number 24 jersey to be rated the top selling item in basketball resales.

How much do lakers make a yeaar on merchandise?

alot like the lakers are the best team in the NBA yea

What does the NFL do with the merchandise that says Super Bowl winner for the team that lost the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl MerchandiseThey make these shirts so that they can sell the shirts, caps, etc quickly after the game. The stuff made for the winning team is sold, but they don't sell the stuff of the losing team. Those merchandises are given to a charity. I can't remember its name, but they give the clothes to people in Africa who need clothes. The NBA does something similar with their merchandise.

How does an NBA team get its income?

Mostly TV Contracts, Tickets, Advertising, Merchandise, but they don't have too make surplus, as the owner pays anyway.

How many fouls can a team have in NBA?

A team can have no more than 6 team fouls

Which team has won more NBA championships than any other team in the NBA?

the Boston Celtics because they have 17 cups

Which NBA team is?

NBA is not a team NBA is national basketball association

Which NBA team has one the most?

THe celtics have won more than 20 nba titles.

What NBA team has not made the NBA finals?

your team

What is Nebraska's NBA team?

Nebraska does not have an NBA team

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