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According to www.South, there are a total of 131 members of Team South Africa in Beijing.

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Q: How many south African competitors in Beijing Olympics?
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Who is Jessica Pengelly swimmer?

She is a South African swimmer who is currently training in Australia. London 2012 will be her second Olympics, her first being Beijing.

What are the names of south africans that swam in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

One South African athlete competed in swimming at the 2008 Games in Beijing. That was Natalie du Toit who competed in the 10 km marathon and became the first amputee to compete in swimming at the Olympics. She finished 16th out of a field of 24.

What two Asian countries hosted the Olympics prior to Beijing?

Japan and South Korea.

Who came second in olympics Beijing 2008?


How many gold medals did South Africa win in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?


Who was the first African to participate in the Olympics?

The first African nation to participate at the Olympics was the Republic of South Africa at the 1904 Games in St. Louis. The first competitors were marathoners Len Taunyane and Jan Mashiani, two members of the Tswana tribe. Taunyane finished 9th and Mashiani 12th.

How many South African athletes are participating in the 2012 Olympics?


How many medals did South Africa win in the Beijing Olympics right now?

0 as of August 14, 2008

Which south African athlete is participating in the paralympics and the Olympics in 2012?

Oscar Pistorius

Which South African athletes are going to the 2012 London Olympics?

Usian bolt

How many South African athletes who competed in the 1996 Olympics in AtlantaGA?


How many Asian countries have hosted the summer Olympics?

31964 Tokyo, Japan1988 Seoul, South Korea2008 Beijing, China

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