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saddly the year of 2008 they had the final fastpitch Olympics games for now there is a act going on to bring softball back into the Olympics.

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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: How many softball events are in the Olympics?
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How many sports and events were held at the Beijing Olympics?

28 summer sports *new to the clan was softball*

How many events are associated with softball in the Olympics?

Do you mean to say it like the many events of track and field? (i.e. running, discus, pole vault) If so, theres only one event of softball which is the actual game of softball. im not sure if this is what you're looking for but i tried haha

What are the events being pulled from the next Olympics?

Softball is one sport being pulled.

How many events are there at the Olympics?

There are 300 events at the Olympics

How many events are their in the Olympics?

There are 29 different events in the summer Olympics and 15 events in the winter Olympics.

How many years was softball in the Olympics?

1994 1994

When is softball on in the Olympics?

it is on every summer Olympics. next year they r not having softball in the Olympics

What events are no longer included to the Olympics?

Events that lost their Olympic status include: Synchronized swimming - solos, duets Women's softball

How many sporting events in the 2012 Olympics?

there are 32 events at the olympics.

How many events were at the ancient Olympics?

There were 9 events at the ancient olympics

How many team events are in the Olympics this year?

how many team events are there in te olympics?

Famous people who have played softball in the Olympics?

Jennie Finch was in the softball Olympics

Will softball ever be put back in the olympics?

softball will be back in the olympics in 2016?

What is the US Softball team trying to do to get softball back in the Olympics?

Well Softball is back in the Olympics in 2020...does that answer your question?

How many events in the olympics?

there are 300 events

How many events are in the 2014 winter Olympics?

The 2014 Olympics has 98 events.

How many running events are in the Olympics?

21 running events at the morden Olympics

What is softball in the Olympics?

Softball is not in the olympics. It was from 1996-2008, but is now being taken out of the games.

Is Softball going to be in the 2012 Olympics?

Softball and Baseball have been omitted from the 2012 Olympics.

How many sports are at the Olympics?

there are 32 events in the olympics.

In what years was softball in the Olympics?

1996, 2000, 2004, and 2008. Unfortunately, there is no softball for the 2012 Olympics

How many sports and events are in the Olympics?

There will be 300 events in 26 sports at the 2012 Olympics.

What are 4 favorite Olympic events?

Well, my 4 favorite events are swimming, volleyball, gymnastics, and softball. At least, those are my faves in the Summer Olympics, because I don't usually watch the Winter Olympics.

How many events are in olympics 2012?

302 events

How many events in the Olympics 2012?

There are 302 events