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Well, my 4 favorite events are swimming, volleyball, gymnastics, and softball.

At least, those are my faves in the Summer Olympics, because I don't usually watch the Winter Olympics.

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Q: What are 4 favorite Olympic events?
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How many people will view the opening olympic events?

4 billion people will view the opening olympic events

What are the events in the men's and women's Olympic events in gymnastics?

There are 4 events Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor

How many judo events are there in the Olympic games?

there are 4

How many Olympic games has Aly Raisman competed in?

2012 was her first year on the olympic gymnastics team in which she competed in 4 events

How many events are there in the Olympic decathlon?

There are ten events in olympic decathlon

When was swimming in the Olympic's?

it hasn't been done yet in the British Olympics but i think its 4 in the pentathlon events

An olympic event containing 3 events?

An Olympic event containing three events is called a "Triathlon."

4 events held in the olympic games?

Javelin, discus, wrestling, chariot racing, foot racing, pentathlon

How many events will there in the 2012 olympic?

302 events

What did the American women have to wear in the 1912 Olympic swimming events?

There were no American women competing in the 1912 Olympic swimming events

When were the Olympic Tae Kwon Do events held?

The Olympic Tae Kwon Do events were held August 20th-23rd, 2008.

How many events are in the first olympic games?

There are 43 events in 9 sports in the first olympic games held in 1896.

What are the ratings and certificates for Olympic Events - 1932?

Olympic Events - 1932 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Passed

What olympic events has Dawn Fraser been in?

Dawn Fraser participated in the 100 meter freestyle, 400 meter freestyle, and 4x100 meter freestyle relay events in the 1956, 1960, and 1964 Summer Olympic Games. She won 8 medals (4 gold and 4 silver) and was the first swimmer in Olympic history to win gold in the same event (100 meter freestyle) in three consecutive Olympics.

What are the three olympic snowboarding events called?

The three olympic snowboarding events are: snowboard cross, halfpipe, and parallel giant slalom.

What 3 events take place every 4 years in years that are divisible by 4?

leap years, summer Olympic games and U.S. Presidential elections

What are the different Olympic events that competitors can take part in?

in the Olympic sports

Where can you find a schedule for all the Olympic events?

It is posted on the Olympic website.

Do Olympic athletes have to pay to watch other Olympic events?


How many events will there be in the Olympics?

there will be 106 events in the Olympic Games

How many events will there be in the olympic games in London?

302 events

How many events are in the 2012 olympic games?

302 events

How many events are in the Olympics today?

300 Olympic Events.

How many Olympic events are alike in the modern Olympic games and the ancient Olympic games?

about 5 or 9.

What are summer Olympic events?

The first Summer Olympic games had only nine events. Today there are over 25 events in the Summer Olympics. Some of those events include polo, swimming, diving, track, and volleyball.