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2 shots

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Q: How many shots do you take if you are fouled when shooting?
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What constitutes a foul in the act of shooting If your hand or arm is touched after the shot is released but the shooter is still in the air is it a foul?

If you are slapped or held in the act of jumping or shooting, you will take 2-3 foul shots. 3 if you are fouled outside the 3 point arch.

When do you have to take the ball back behind the foul line in a basketball?

When you get fouled within the 3 point line you shoot 2 shots behind the free throw line. If you get fouled on a 3 pointer you get 3.

How many fouls does it take to get fouled out?


How many shots does a 68 cal gun have with a 24 oz tank?

It really depends on how fast you're shooting, don't forget to take that into account. However if you are shooting around 280 fps, you can probably get up to 900 shots.

If a player makes a shot and gets fouled how many shots does he take when he gets to the foul line?

If the shot was unsuccessful, two if he was in the 2 points ratio or 3 if he was shooting for 3 points. If the shot was successful, the player gets one free throw regardless of whether it was a 2 point or 3 point shot.

How many Gun shots does it take to take down a US soldier when hes sleeping?

Whats your point? Define shots; shots of what?

How many shots does it take to kill a lion?

It pretty much depends where you shoot him and 3,4,5,6 shots

How many steps can you take after you have been fouled?

Depends on the ref usually 2-3 steps

How many shots of vodka to die?

It would take about 22 shots to kill the average male and about 17 shots to kill the average female. (Assuming the shots are 1.5oz each)

How many shots of vodka does it take to die?


How can I program my SLR to take a picture every few seconds without me being there to hit the button?

Depends on the camera. For Nikon D5000, for example, it's called "interval timer shooting" (under the "shooting" menu). You follow the prompts to set the start time (which may be "now"), interval between shots, and number of shots.

How do you transition from a shooting guard to a point guard?

A shooting guards main responsibility is to take good shots, especially three pointers and important shots. To become a point guard you must have good dribbling and passing skills, and be able to drive well. this is not me umm. you dont being the shooting guard is the most important. i personally take over the point guard position when beeing asked by coach. shooting guard is his/her own and the point guard put in one. just you dont realize it yet.

You do all the steps for shooting a basketball correctly so why do your shots go in less than half the time?

That would depend on where you are shooting the ball from. Even the greatest players make only around 50% of their shots from the outside. If you are talking about shooting from 18 to 20 feet and only half of your shots are going in, that would be about average. If you are talking about shooting from 3 to 5 feet and only half of them are going in, then you would have something to be concerned about. Be patient as you will not become a better shooter overnight. It will take time and a lot of practice. If you practice and practice and keep a good attitude, you can get better.

How many harpoon shots can the average whale take?


How many BOOSTER shots do pitbulls need to take?


How many fouls does it take to foul out in the NBA playoffs?

It takes 6 fouls to get fouled out in a game of basketball in the NBA

What types of pictures can you take with an LCD digital camera?

You can take any kind of picture with an LCD digital camera. Try shooting the sky, your friends, or your pet for awesome photos. You can also take great nature shots.

How to shoot trick shots in pool?

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of pool and billiard trick shots. Broadly, they can be divided into two categories: artistic shots and skill shots. Artistic shots are all in the setup and require minimal skill in order to make. These shots generally make multiple balls in multiple pockets all in the same shot. These are great to start out with as they only require a bit of knowledge and some patience to learn the setup. Skill shots are those that use typical pool game skills and may take them to extremes. Basic skill shots would be follow shots, draw shots, and bank/kick shots. More extreme skill shots include jump shots and masse shots, where you make the cue ball curve. These shots tend to be easier to learn if you have a mastery of your pool stroke already. Skill shots can also include novelty shots which wouldn't be encountered in a typical pool game. These include speed shots, wing shots (shooting at a moving object ball), juggling shots (shooting a moving cue ball), one-handed shots, opposite handed shots, shots using multiple cues, or combinations thereof. There are many resources in print and online that diagram a number of trick shots. Most use a categorization scale so you know which ones are the easier ones that are better to start off with if you're just learning.

How many shots of rum does it take to get drunk?

depends on time between shots, how big you are and how soon before u ate but usually about 8 shots in an hour do it for me i weigh 180lbs

How many shots do players take in basketball practice?

just as many to get warm but not get tired

What is a experiment on accuracy?

Accuracy is depended on how many "shots" you take to a certain target. If the "shots" are close to each other , you have good accuracy.

How many shots did it take to kill John F. Kennedy?


How many shots can you take with a 12 gram Co2 on a paintball pistol?

Anywhere from 18 to 35 shots is normal on most paintball pistols.

How many shots of 30 proof liquor do you need to take to be drunk?

are you stupid.... it only takes 1.33 repeating of course shots to "be drunk"

How many gun shots does it take to kill a person?

One in the right place.