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Anywhere from 18 to 35 shots is normal on most paintball pistols.

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Q: How many shots can you take with a 12 gram Co2 on a paintball pistol?
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How many shots can you take with a 12 gram Co on a paint-ball pistol?

i dont know the assact put mine can shoot 50 accurately

How many shots in a 20oz paintball tank?

around 750-1000

How many shots can you get out of a Co2 cartridge with a 500fps non-blowback pistol?

about 900 shots

How many shots can you take with a 12 gram co2 in an airsoft pistol?

Each model gun or rifles is different so there is no set standard for the number of bb to be shot

How many shots can an automatic pistol shoot?

10, 20, 30 or as many shots as a magazine will hold for that gun................

How many shots are in a 20 ounce co2 bottle?

It depends on the efficiency of your paintball marker.

How many shots are in a 9 oz CO2 bottle?

In paintball, usually around 300 or 350.

How many shots are in a 20oz CO2 paintball air canister?

Depending on the marker and temperature. Around 1000 plus or minus a hundred.

How many rounds does a co2 pistol shoot?

It all depends on the model but you will most likely get 50 plus shots.

How many bullets can you shoot in a minute pistol?

Depends entirely on the pistol. I have a single shot muzzle loading pistol that 2 shots a minute would be good. A fully automatic machine pistol can fire more than 100 rounds per minute. You need to specify WHICH pistol, as there is no one answer.

How many shots can a 12 gram co2 tank fire?

Around 30-35 depending on the condition of your gun

How many paintball shots can you get from a 20 oz CO2 tank?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. It depends on the efficiency of your gun, as well as the temperature. However you can make very rough or average estimates depending on tank size. 12 gram- 30 shots 9 oz- 200-400 12 oz- 500-600 20 oz- 800-1200 24 oz- 1200- 1300

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