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Q: How many shot blocks did Dwight Howard have?
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What is the highest number of shot blocks in an NBA Finals game ever?

Most blocks in a game 9 by Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic (vs. Los Angeles Lakers) on June 11, 2009

Who's better Dwight Howard or Amare Stoudemire?

amare will win one on one he got a shot unike howard better defence then howard

How many shot blocks does Kobe Bryant have in his career?


Top ten shot blocker in nba?

1.Dwight howard 2.shaq 3. Tim duncan 4.lebron James 5.dwyane wade

What is a block shot?

a block shot is when someone blocks a shot...... or a shot taken from the block

Who is the best center?

its gotta be Dwight Howard right now with his incredible, rebounding, shot-blocking, dunking, and scoring powers..but i perosonally believe Nene is up there along with many others due to the fact that they create a large impact during games.

What is a close shot in basketball?

a block shot.which is a shot from one of the blocks on the key

What ended when JD Howard was shot in St Joseph Missouri?

When that dirty little cocward Shot Mr Howard They laid poor Jesse in his grave.

Who are the top three shot blockers in the NBA?

Dwight HowardChris AndersenMarcus Camby

What does a defender in socccer do?

a defender helps out a goalie and blocks shot

If a player that is not a goalie blocks a shot that was meant to be a goal is that considered a blocked shot or a shot on goal?

It is a blocked shot, not a shot on goal. To be counted as a shot on goal it has to be stopped by the goalie or a goal.

Which President shot 296 animals in Africa?

john howard

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