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In a game of volleyball, a player has 10 seconds to serve the ball. Once you get the ball, wait for the ref to blow his whistle. This indicates that you can serve. If you toss but dont like it, let the ball drop. The ref will blow his whistle and you may start over, with a new 10 seconds. But, you can only re-toss once.

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Q: How many seconds does a team have to serve the ball?
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How many seconds does the team have to serve the ball?

The person serving has only 5 seconds to serve the volleyball to the other team.

How many seconds does the offensive team have to throw the ball in bounds?

5 seconds

In basketball how many sec does a team have to get a ball over the half court line?

The team has 8 seconds to get the ball over the half-court line. its 8 seconds in the NBA but in college and below a team has 10 seconds

How many seconds should it take inbound a basketball and make a basket?

A player has five seconds to inbound the ball, if he/she has not inbound the ball in five seconds, it's a "turnover" the other team gets the ball.

Meaning of Team to serve?

it is the team who will be serving the ball or the team who will put the ball to play.

How many serves do you get before you have to switch the server in vollyball?

Generally speaking, in the game of volleyball, the server is permitted to serve if their team receives the point. If the server does not serve the ball inside the court or over the net, the opposing team receives the point and serve. If the server's team keeps winning points, the same server will continue to serve the ball.

How many seconds does the offensive team has to get the ball across mid-court to their shooting end in a basketball game?

10 seconds

How many seconds does a team have to get the ball across half court in the NBA?

It was changed to 8 seconds a couple of years ago.

What if the ball goes out on a serve in volley ball?

If the ball goes out after you serve it in Volley Ball them the other team gets the point if they didn't touch it when you contacted the ball and it went over the net. But if the other opposing team touches the ball and it goes out of play then the other team gets the point when the ball was contacted from the other team and they couldn't get to the ball fast enough.

How many seconds does a water polo team have to attempt to scor a goal when they get the ball?


How many seconds does a team have to shoot the ball?

In college it is 35 seconds and in the pros it's 24 seconds, there is no clock in high school

In a volley baall team how many seconds does the sever get to serve?

Five seconds. But not very many referees go by this rule in levels such as high school and middle school volleyball.

When does your team score?

when the other team misses the serve, when the other team hits the ball more then 3 times, when the other team hits it out of bounce, when you serve the ball and its in and the other team doesnt touch it, there a lot of ways to get the point in volleyball

When is a serve used in volleyball?

A serve is used to get points. Like when someone gets a point that team gets to serve. You can served up to as many points as it takes to get up to 25. Anyone can serve depending on the rotation. *Yes, a serve is a technique of getting points. But, its used to get the ball over the net after a rotation. The server continues serving until their team loses the ball then it goes to the opponent's team and their server serves until they lose the ball, and the cycle contiues until the game ends.

What is defensive three seconds in basketball?

When someone stands in the paint (under the goal or right in front of the free-throw line) for three seconds, the ref will whistle, and the offensive team (team with the ball) gets a free throw for one point. Now in a offensive three seconds is when the team that has the ball, and someone on that same team gets the three seconds, the other team (defensive team) doesn't get free throw shot, they'll just get the ball.

How many seconds in basketball are you allowed in the key?

While one team has possession of the ball, a player is called for an infraction if he/she is in the key for 3 seconds. If there is a loose ball or a rebound, players may be in the key for as long as it takes for the ball to be rebounded or possessed.

What happens when a team wins a serve in volleyball?

The team the served serves the ball again if the oppenents miss the first serve.

When a team has control of the ball and the ball is kicked out of bounds by the opposing team on defense is the shot clock reset?

In the NBA, if the ball is kicked, regardless of whether the ball goes out of bounds, the shot clock is reset to 14 seconds if there are less than 14 seconds on it at the time of the kicked ball and stays the same if there are more than 14 seconds on it at the time of the kicked ball.

How many seconds does a team have to advance th ball across the half court?

In the case mentioned above, the offense must get the ball past the mid-court line within 8 seconds. This a revision from the previous rule that allowed 10 seconds.

The ball is put into play when one team does this?

The ball is put into play when someone the other team is up is called serve.

What is the five second rule?

The five-second rule states that food dropped on the ground will be safe to eat and not covered in germs as long as it is picked up within 5 seconds of being dropped. This experiment will evaluate whether there is any truth to this theory.

When a team passes a ball from a serve in volleyball that style of passing is called?

It is called serve receive.

What happens in netball when someone holds the ball for more than 3 seconds?

The opposing team to the player that held the ball for more than three seconds gets the ball.

What is it called when one team scores a point on every serve in volleyball?

If you serve the ball, and nobody touches it on the opposing team, it is called an "ace".

It is time for a team to rotate players when?

Scenario: Team A and Team B Team A has posession of the ball (i.e they are serving) They serve two points in a row, and then Team B gets the third. Team B will then rotate and serve the ball. It's basically when a team gets a chance to serve after the other team had posession. Hope this helps!