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In the NFL, 4 ... 1563 yards in 1991, 1713 yards in 1992, 1486 yards in 1993, and 1773 yards in 1995.

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Q: How many rushing titles does emmit smith have?
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How many yards did Emmit Smith have to run to beat Walter Payton's record?

16,727. Walter Payton ended his career with 16,726 yards rushing.

How many games did emmit smith play?


How many children does Emmit Smith have?

4. 5 in a few months.

How many yards did emmit smith ran in his rookie season?

10000000000000 yards

How many yards did emmit Smith rush for each year?

6783, 8092, 1234, 1234565780

How many years did Emmit Smith play football for the Dallas Cowboys?

13 seasons (1990-2002).

How many Florida Gators are in the NFL hall of Fame?

Two. Jack Youngblood and Emmit Smith

How many rushing crowns does Barry Sanders have?

Barry won 4 NFL rushing titles ... 1990 (1304 rushing yards), 1994 (1883), 1996 (1553), and 1997 (2053).

How many teams passed on Emmit Smith in the 1990 NFL draft?

15 ... Smith was the 17th overall selection (the Patriots had overall picks 8 and 10).

Who has the most rushing yards in the NFL in 1 season?

College freshman have many adjustments to make. However, the most successful freshman football players can make an impact in the classroom and on the field. Maurice Clarett has the most freshman rushing yards.

How many yards did Emmitt Smith rush for?

Rushing Yards 18,355 - Average 4.2 yards per carry - Rushing TDs 174

How many kids does emmit smith have?

Emmitt Smith had: -3 brothers named: Emil, Emory and Erik. -2 sisters named: Marsha and Connie.