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Barry won 4 NFL rushing titles ... 1990 (1304 rushing yards), 1994 (1883), 1996 (1553), and 1997 (2053).

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Q: How many rushing crowns does Barry Sanders have?
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How many career rushing yards did barry sanders have?

Barry Sanders has 15,269 career rushing yards.

How many rushing yards does Barry Sanders has in his career?


How many yards did Barry Sanders have in his carreer?

15,269 rushing yards

How many games did barry sanders play in to get 2053 yards?

He played in 16 games the year Barry Sanders gained 2053 rushing yards.

How many catching touchdowns did Barry Sanders have?

Barry Sanders had 10 receiving TDs in his career. He also had 99 rushing TDs for 109 total career TDs scored.

How many yards did Barry Sanders need to break the all time rushing record?

At the time of his retirement in 1998, Barry Sanders needed 1,458 rushing yards to pass Walter Payton and become the NFL's all-time leading rusher. If Sanders were to return to the NFL, he would need 3,087 rushing yards to pass Emmitt Smith, who currently holds the all-time record.

How many kids does barry sanders have?

barry sanders has 0 kids

How many children does Barry Sanders have?

Barry Sanders has 3 Children

How many children does Barry Sanders have?

Barry Sanders has 3 Children

How many times did Barry Sanders rush for 100 yards?

Sanders had 76 career 100+ yard rushing games, one behind all time leader Walter Payton who had 77. Sanders also holds the NFL record with 14 consecutive 100+ rushing yard games in the 1997 season.

How many Barry Sanders cards were ever made?

4,078 barry sanders cards were made.

How many 100 yard rushing games did Barry Sanders have?

Over his professional football career, Barry Sanders rushed for at least 100 yards in 76 games, just short of Walter Payton's 77 games and Emmitt Smith's 78 games.

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