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13 seasons (1990-2002).

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Q: How many years did Emmit Smith play football for the Dallas Cowboys?
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Related questions

Where was Emmit Smith drafted?

Dallas Cowboys

Who has most rushing yards in career?

Emmit smith dallas cowboys.

Who was the best running back for Dallas Cowboys?

Probably Emmit smith

Touchdowns for the Dallas Cowboys history?

Emmit Smith with 164 touchdowns.

Who was the Dallas cowboys all time leading rusher?

Emmit smith

What teams did emmit smith play for?

Dallas Cowboys and 1 season with the Arizona cardinals

Who did Emmit Smith play for?

1990-2002: Dallas Cowboys 2003-2004: Arizona Cardinals

What number was Emmit Smith for the cowboys?

Emmit wore #22.

Did a player by the last name Emmett play for Dallas Cowboys?

Yes his name is name is Emmit Smith.

Who is Emmit Smith?

Emmit Smith was a Running Back in American Football. He is now (2008) in the NFL Hall of Fame. He played for most of his career on the Dallas Cowboys. For the last two years of his career he played for the Arizona Cardinals. He made tons of records.

How long did emmit smith play pro football?

Emmitt Smith played professional football for a total of 15 years, his first 13 with the Dallas Cowboys, and his last 2 with the Arizona Cardinals. He retired from the NFL after the 2004 season.

What is the value of a 1996 Super Bowl football that has eleven signatures from the 1996 Dallas Cowboys team including Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith?

Anythying involving Emmit Smith, Troy Aikman or any of the ninteenninety's Dallas Cowboys for that matter is going to cost a metric ton of money!

What number did emmit smith wear for the cowboys?

He wore No. 22 his entire career in the National Football League.

How long was emmit smith with the cowboys?

13 years

When did emmitt smith start football?

he started in 1990 as a rookie for the dallas cowboys

Who is the Cowboys all time leader in rushing yardage?

Emmit Smith

Who was the cowboys best running back of all time?

emmit smith.

What is Tyron Smith's number on the Dallas Cowboys?

Tyron Smith is number 77 on the Dallas Cowboys.

Did any other cowboys player where the number 22 since Emmit Smith?

Did any other player where the number 22 before emmit smith?

What did Emmit Smith run in the 40?

Running back, Emmitt Smith, ran the 40 yard dash in 4.7 seconds. Smith was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the 1990 NFL Draft.

Were the dallas cowboys the only team that emmit smith played for?

No. Emmitt Smith left the Dallas Cowboys after the 2002 season to sign a free-agent contract with the Arizona Cardinals. He played for the Cardinals in 2003 and 2004 and then retired three days before Super Bowl XXXIX in February 2005.

Who is the leader rusher in the National Football league?

emmit smith

What has the author Emmitt Smith written?

Emmitt Smith has written: 'The Emmitt zone' -- subject(s): Biography, Dallas Cowboys (Football team), Football players, History

Which teams did Emmitt Smith play football for?

Emmitt Smith played for the Dallas Cowboys from 1990-2002 and the Arizona Cardinals in 2003 and 2004.

Who scored the most points in football?

Jerry rice or Emmit smith