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Q: How many quarterbacks won the Heisman and a Super Bowl?
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How many winning Super Bowl quarterbacks were Heisman Trophy winners?

Jim Plunkett, Oakland Raiders and Stanford The last Heisman winning QB that started and won a Super Bowl was Jim Plunkett who won the Heisman in 1970 (Stanford) and won Super Bowls XV and XVIII with the Raiders. The only other Heisman winning QB to start and win a Super Bowl was Roger Staubach who won the Heisman in 1963 (Navy) and won Super Bowls VI and XII with the Cowboys.

How many Heisman quarterbacks have played in a Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLII ... 2 1) Roger Staubach - won the Heisman in 1963 and played in Super Bowls VI, X, XII, and XIII for the Cowboys. 2) Jim Plunkett - won the Heisman in 1970 and played in Super Bowls XV and XVIII for the Raiders. Should Matt Leinart of the Cardinals get to play in Super Bowl XLIII, he would be the third.

How many second year quarterbacks have started and won the super bowl?

Three quarterbacks have started and won the Super Bowl.

How many NFL quarterbacks have won the Super Bowl four times?

5 quarterbacks:)

How many Super Bowl quarterbacks attended Alabama university?

Three Super Bowl quarterbacks attended Alabama. The quarterbacks are: * Bart Starr (Green Bay Packers) Super Bowl I & II * Joe Namath (New York Jets) Super Bowl III * Ken Stabler (Oakland Raiders) Super Bowl XI

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