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No starter has ever won a Super Bowl with 2 different teams.

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Peyton Manning. Super Bowl XLI with the Indianapolis Colts and Super Bowl L with the Denvor Broncos.

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Q: How many quarterbacks have won a superbowl with two different teams?
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How many quarterbacks have led 2 teams to Super Bowls?

i think Kurt waner led 2 temes to a superbowl

How many quarterbacks have had three consecutive winning seasons with three different teams?

Three (3)

How many Black starting quarterbacks to won the Super Bowl?

2 Doug Williams (Superbowl XXII), Russell Wilson (Superbowl XLVIII).

How many quarterbacks have started for two different teams in the super bowl?

2 (Craig Morton and Kurt Warner)

How many rookie quarterbacks have had their teams go to the playoffs?


How many super bowl quarterbacks wore number 8?

Quarterbacks that have appeared in a superbowl and donned the number 8 are five.Troy AikmanTrent DilferSteve YoungRex GrossmanMatt Hasselbeck

How many teams with black quarterbacks have won Super Bowls?

Doug Williams (Washington Redskins, won Superbowl XXII and was named MVP) is the only black Superbowl winning quarterback (so far). Donovan McNabb has played in a Superbowl, but lost. Warren Moon, Randall Cunningham and even Michael Vick have all advanced deep into the playoffs, but not to the big game.

How many quarterbacks have won with different teams?

No quarterback has won a second Super Bowl title after moving to/being traded to a new franchise.

How many quarterbacks have Super Bowl appearances for two teams?

Earl Morrell

How many rookie quarterbacks have lead a team to the Super Bowl?

Not a single rookie QB has ever led his team to the superbowl.

What NFL teams have the most superbowl rings and how many?

the steelers and the patriots

How many NFL teams have gone to the Super Bowl but not won?

There have 45 Superbowls so 45 teams have lost the SuperBowl.

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