How many pros do ballet?

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There are countless numbers of professional Ballet dancers in may different professional ballet companies all across the world.

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Q: How many pros do ballet?
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how many syllables does ballet have?

Ballet has two syllables.

How many positions in ballet?

there are 5 positons in ballet

How many people do ballet?

anyone who likes to do ballet

Can ballet be performed by men and women?

Yes, there are many male ballet ballet dancers; such a Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Name two famous Russian ballet companies?

Russian is known for its many ballet companies. The two most famous ballet companies in Russia are the Bolshoi Ballet and Mariinsky Ballet. The Mariinsky Ballet used to be known as the Kirov Ballet.

What is ballet used for today?

Ballet is still popular. Many people still do ballet, and others enjoy watching.

How many school do ballet?

Every serious ballet school should hold classes for ballet. Ballet is very importanat if you want to succeed in dance and get better.

Where is ballet perfored?

On stage by professional ballet dancers in many different countries

Is ballet for boys?

Ballet is for boys and girls. There are many famous boy ballerinas, and I know a lot of boys that take ballet.

Where does the word ballet originate?

Ballet was originated many years ago. Most of the steps in ballet today are said in french, so I would say that ballet is french.

How many men dance ballet?


What is the best ballet school in the world?

There is not one that is the best but there are many amazing ones. Canada's National Ballet School, American Ballet Theater, Royal Ballet School, Paris Opera, Australian Ballet School, Houston Ballet School, Stuttgart Ballet, and the list goes on....

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