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Collingwood has won 15 premierships

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Q: How many premierships has Collingwood won?
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What AFL team has won the second most AFL premierships?

The question is actually invalid, because both Essendon and Carlton have won the most at 16 premierships each. Therefore, the next team will have won the third most AFL Premierships; and that is Collingwood. The Collingwood Magpies have won 15, but they have lost many more grand finals than they have won!

Who is the afl coach that has won the most premierships?

Jock McHale, Collingwood - 8 premierships.

How many AFL premierships has Collingwood won in the last 50 years?

3, 1953, 1958 and 1990.

How many premierships has St Kilda won?

St Kilda has only won 1 grandfinal. It was in 1966, against Collingwood and they won by only a point

Who has won the AFL premierships?

Carlton and Essendon have 16 premiership's each. Collingwood has won 15.

How many premierships have north Melbourne won?

4 - 1975, 1977 (Replay - after draw with Collingwood :( ), 1996, 1999.

How much premierships have collingwood got?

they won their fifteenth on 2/10/10

What team has won most AFL-VFL premierships in a row?

Collingwood won 4 in a row in the late 1920's.

How many premiorships Collingwood f c?

15 VFL/AFL premierships.

Which two teams in the AFL have won the most AFL premiships?

Carlton and Essendon both have won 16 premierships, Collingwood just behind with 14.

How many premierships have Essendon won?

essendon have won 16 premierships

How many premierships has Geelong won?

Geelong has won 8 premierships.

How many premierships have Adelaide won?

The Adelaide Crows have won 2 premierships. It was consecutive premierships in 1997 and 1998.

How many premierships have st kilda won?

St Kilda has just won one premiership by 1 point against collingwood when barry breen kicked a wobbly drop punt through the points.

How many premierships has Melbourne demons won?

Melbourne has won 12 premierships

How many premierships has west cost won?

3 Premierships

Which team are leading the AFL premiership?

Essendon and Carlton have 16 premierships each with Collingwood in third at 14 premierships.

How many premierships has Essendon won?

Essendon has won 16 premierships. It shares the record for the most VFL/AFL premierships with Carlton, who has also won 16.

Who won the most grand finals in the 1920's?

The famed, Collingwood! It won 4 Premierships in a row right at the end of the decade - a feat which has never been equalled.

How many premierships have port magpies won?

They have won 36 premierships in their history which is an Australian record for any club..

Which team has won only four afl premierships?

No Team has. The AFL was born in 1990 and No Team has won 4 since then!! Brisbane has come close playing in 4 Grand finals but only winning 3 (In a row!)! Collingwood is the only Team to win 4 Premierships in a row but that was as a VFL Team! ("THE ONLY" Team worth barracking for, i.m.h.o!) Collingwood has "barrackers", the rest have fans or members! Check Our Club anthem and you'll see why!

Who has won most afl premierships as player and coach in total?

After some research, I believe the answer to be that there are 3 different people who answer to achieving the most premierships as VFL-AFL players and coaches: The first was Jock McHale, who won 2 premierships solely as a player for Collingwood - the first being in 1903 - his first year at the club. He then went on to coach Collingwood to a record 8 premierships = 10 total premierhips. The second was Norm Smith, who played for Melbourne Football Club from 1937. He played in 4 premierships for the club. Later he went on to coach 6 premierships over an 11 year period = 10 total premierhips. The third was Ron Barassi, who played for Melbourne, winning 6 Premierhips as a player only with that club. Following his time at Melbourne, he accepted a coaching opportunity with Carlton, which club won 2 premierships during his short stay with the club. He then went on to coach North Melbourne for a further 2 premierships = 10 total premierships! However, of those premierhips, some won by Ron Barassi and Jock McHale were achieved as playing coaches.

What AFL team has won the most premierships?

Essendon and Carlton have won the most premierships with 16 premierships each.

Which team is the best team in AFL?

The best AFL team would be either the team/s which has/have won the most premierships, or if one is meaning in current terms, then the best team is that which most recently won the premiership. Carlton and Essendon have won the most Premierships at 16 each, but Collingwood has played in the most grand finals - at 42 and lags just behind them at 15 premierships. Geelong, however, has won the most recent, 2011, premiership - and in fact, three of the last five premierships, and would have to qualify for current title as "the best team in the AFL".

How many games have collingwood won?

As of the end of the 2010 AFL season Collingwood has won 1421 games.