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In 1929 Collingwood won all 18 home and away games. The only match the lost was a semi-final to Richmond. Collingwood went on to Win the grand final.

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Q: When did Collingwood lose only 1 match in a season?
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How many AFL Premiership flags has Collingwood won in 50 years?

In this season, 2010, Collingwood has won only the one Premiership in the past 50 years - that being in 1990, under Lethal coach, Leigh Matthews. However, Collingwood are certainly set for finally breaking through in the Grand Final this season - for their 2nd Premiership in the past 50 years. Next week will tell.

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Yes. Collingwood has won 15 Grand Finals altogether - only Essendon and Carlton have won more, in fact. By the commencement of 2011, Collingwood had won the previous year's grand final play-off - in 2010 - marking their 15th such win.

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