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millions and billions of possibilities there are 18 possible moves at the very start of the game!

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Q: How many possible play of chess are not the same?
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Why did the Egyptians play chess?

the same reason you play chess; for fun, entertainment

How do you play chess in Malayalam?

It is exactly same as everyone plays chess worldwide...

How many pieces can you choose from for the first play in chess?

u don't have to choose the pieces r the same for u as well as ur opponent

How do you play 2 chess yahoo chess games and see them on the deck top at hye same time?

It goes on the wight well is acculturate depends

How many rows on a chess board?

same as a checker board

Where can you download chess?

Some good free chess places are with only having to downloead If your a USCF player you can play on world chess live which is basically free if your part of the USCF. I have the same question, and this links are pages where you can play Online. I want a free chess software to play offline in my computer. Where can I find it?

How do you play Chinese checkers Not the star board but with the board with many Chinese pieces with Chinese symbols on them?

This game is not Chinese checkers. This game is Chinese Chess. It is somewhat the same as International Chess. This site will show you what the pieces are and how to move them. Chinese Chess is not too hard to learn, but it is sooo much fun to play!! i love you call me lol :)

If two men are playing chess and they won the same amount of games with no ties how is this possible?

Possible answer: The men are not playing each other, and happen to win the same number of games.

Does it help if you play yourself in chess?

If you are a beginner, playing yourself in chess has only limited value since you're playing someone that has the same ability as you. To learn new skills and strategies, you should read chess books, play other people (live or online), and play against computer opponents.

How many squares on a checerboard?

64 squares, its also the same as chess.

Would chess players constitute a group?

Two people play the game of Chess, they would not constitute a group, however if there was several poeple playing several games in the same place that would be a group of chess players.

How does it call when one person plays chess against many oponnents?

When one person plays chess against many opponents at the same time is called a simul.

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