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Q: How many points do you get if you make a free throw basketball?
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What comes in three?

Points in basketball when you shoot and make a free throw.

How many points are scored per basket for basketball?

not sure about college basketball, but the NBA it is 2 points per basket. if the shooter is fouled whilst making the shot he will then have the chance to make a free throw. if the ball goes in the basket then he takes 1 free-throw to make a total of 3 points. if the ball misses the basket then he takes 2 free-throws to make a total of 2 points.

How many point do you earn if the puck goes in the basketball net?

In basketball, there is no "puck". You play with a basketball. In basketball, you can either get 1, 2, or 3 points. When you are shooting a free-throw and make it, you get 1 point. When you are inside the 3 point line and you shoot the ball and make it, you get 2 points. And finally, when you are outside the 3 point line you get 3 points.

Which NBA player had the best percentage of free throw shots in 2010?

In basketball, the free throw is an important shot; it can highly increase points for a team if the player should make the shot. In 2010, Stephen Curry was the NBA player who has the highest percentage of free throw shots.

Which basketball term is defined as to make a free throw?


In basketball what happens when you make a three pointer and get fouled?

you get to shoot 1 free throw

What is the most points a player can make on one play?

Four points. ( a three pointer with an AND1 [free-throw])

Does the size of a basketball affect your ability to make free throw shots?

no because if you short you can still make it but if you tall you still can

Do you make free throws on your own or does yoour team help?

In a game of basketball, you shoot a free throw if you get fouled. Therefor you shoot the ball on your own. But anyone can get fouled and shoot a free throw! Hope this helps(:

What is the purpose of a basketball game?

Basketball was created as a new and cool sport. Basketball caught on with just about everyone and ended up being a professionally played sport called the NBA. There really is no purpose other than to have fun.To win. Also to score more points than the other team and to put the ball in the basket. A free throw is worth one point if you make it in the basket. In front of the three point line is two points if you make it in the basket. If it's behind the three point line and you make it in the basket you get three points.

In basketball what is the most number of points you can score with a single shot?

3 points. the only exception to this is if you are fouled while shooting a 3-point shot (and make it). Then you will get an opportunity to shoot one free throw (worth 1 more point). so in this situation you can score 4 points - but technically this is two shots, not a single shot.

How many points is a regulation shot in a game of basketball?

If you shoot and make a basket inside the three point line or with your feet on the three point line it is worth two points. If you shoot and make a basket anywhere behind the three point line without your feet on the line it is worth three points. If you get fouled when you are shooting you go to the free throw line to shoot free throws. This is an uncontested, untimed shot that if you make it, it is worth one point.

In basketball and 1 means?

you make a shot while being fouled and you go to the free throw line for 1.

What is basketball?

Basketball is a popular sport. There are five players on each team and each team tries to get the basketball in each other's nets. You play this game with a basketball which is a sphere colored orange with black stripes. Basketball is most common in the USA. There are professional teams, college teams, high school, middle and even some elementary school teams. The main thing is to get the ball into the opposing team's hoop by dribbling and shooting with your hands. There a few different ways you can score. The first is to make a basket within the large that extends past the free throw line. Any shot in this range is worth 2 points. Any shot made outside of the large arc is worth 3 points. If you are fouled while shooting, you may go to the free throw line to earn back your points. Each free throw is worth one point. There are many rules to basketball, and some rules are added in each upcoming year. To view more about these rules and the game of basketball, view the links below.

What does and 1 mean in basketball?

i means when u get fouled that u make the shot when you get fouled then you go to the line to shoot a free throw and you make it

What are the basics in basketball?

The basics of basketball are to score a ball through the opponents hoop, which is ten feet in the air. You try to prevent the other team from scoring in you basket. Every time you score on the opponents basket you get points, either two points, three points, or one point if you make a free throw after being fouled. Another major concept of basketball is that you have to dribble the ball in order to move with the ball. If you move without dribbling the ball will go to the other team.

How do you score in a basketball game?

You score 2 if you make a basket. Three if you make a basket from behind the 3 point line. And 1 if you make a free throw.

Which basketball term is defined as the free throw line?

In the NBA, most players make 70-80 percent of their attempts.

How many point do you get from a free shot in basketball?

1 point if you make 1/2 or 2 points if you make 2/2

How can points be scored in basketball?

In basketball, there are about 3 different ways to score : free throws (1 point), field goals (2 points), and 3 pointers (nuff said). Anything made within the big arch is considered a field goal (jumper/J). If you are fouled (forceful physical contact which could inhibit a shot) while shooting a field goal, you get a free throw. You get two free throws (made from the mark right in front of the goal) if you miss the shot, and one if you made the shot, making a three point play. If you shoot a 3, and make it, and get fouled, you could have the chance at making arguably the most points in one play, 4 (a 3 pointer plus a free throw). That's enough for now.

How many points is a free throws?

A free throw is worth one point per shot that you make. so say if you shoot 3 free throws but only make 1 it would be 1 point.

What is double bonus basketball?

Bonus is where u shoot one free throw and if you make it you get another one and double bonus is where u shoot two free throws no matter what

What are some fun basketball games to play?

you could play 21 , horse , 1 vs 1 , around the world , lightning. 21- 21 is a game where you and your person that your playing against try to get to 21 first . the person starts off the game with shooting a free throw... every free throw is 1 point . if they make it then they keep shooting free throws ; once they make 3 free throws in a row its 1 on 1 . if they make it its worth 2 points and they start over with the free throws. but if they miss while they are shooting free throws then the other person shoots it from where is lands and if they make it they get 2 points but if they miss the other person shoots it from where it lands. whoever makes it gets to shoot free throws and the game keeps going til you get to 21. if you go over then you have to go back to 16 .

If you are fouled while shooting do you get tose points and a free-throw?

if you make the shot then yes but when you get fouled you have to be in your shooting motion. if you get fouled at the 3 point line you get those points to. i like jelly and barbecue sauce yeah you get the points only if you make the basket. then u can get ur free throws.but if u dont make it.then u just get the free throws.

What is the basketball system used in North America?

The North American scoring system in basketball is quite simple. There are three scores one can get when they get the basketball through the hoop. A free throw counts as one point. A two point shot is when a player makes the basket anywhere inside the three point line. One can get three points if they make the basket if they are standing outside the three point line.