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you make a shot while being fouled and you go to the free throw line for 1.

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Fouled inside the18 yard box in soccer

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Q: In basketball and 1 means
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How many quarters are in high school basketball game?

A quarter means "1/4." That means that there are always four quarters.

What is youth basketball?

Youth means a child or young person, and I assume you know what basketball means. So youth basketball is basketball played with a child or young adult.

What does g mean in basketball?

In Basketball g means gaurd

What does ncaam mean?

"NCAAM" means NCAA men's - as in NCAAM basketball means NCAA men's basketball games.

What does asts in basketball?

It means assists

What does mvp mean in basketball?

In basketball MVP means Most Valuable Player.

What is a basketball radius?

1 quarter of a basketball ring

What is a name that means basketball?

It means this because it contains a basket and a ball.

What NBA means?

national basketball assosition

What does Montae mean?

it means basketball lover

What does blk mean in basketball?

It means block.

What does 'o' mean in basketball?

it means offense

What is the basketball term in the paint?

It is very simple it means literally means the player is standing in the painted part of the court in front of the basketball hoop

What is pro-am basketball?

Pro-Am means Professional-Amateur. It basically means newbies get a chance to team up with the pros and play a game of basketball.

What does the term box and 1 mean in basketball?

It means you run a defensive zone while still playing 1 opposing player man to man.

How do you say basketball shoes in spanish?

zapatos de baloncesto (básquetbol also means basketball)

What does TOI mean on the basketball scoreboard?

On a basketball scoreboard T.O.L means time outs left!

What kind of basketball do they use in college basketball?

A Regular 1.................

Basketball cards Seq.100 means what?

It means it is serially numbered to 100.

What does FIBA means in Basketball?

FIBA is a French acronym which stands for 'Federation Internationale de Basketball Amateur'. In English, this is 'International Basketball Federation'.

Is trifecta a basketball word?

it means 3 pointers

What does sf in basketball mean?

it means small forward

What does OFF mean in basketball?

It means offensive Rebounds

What does forward mean in basketball?

forward means forward

What does el basquetbol mean?

it means basketball in spanish