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Q: How many points did Sidney Crosby score in the year 2006 - 2007?
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Who won the art ross trophy in the nhl 2006-07 season?

Sidney Crosby 120 points

Who scored most points in NHL in 07'?

Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins had 120 points total in the 2006-2007 NHL Season.

What year did Sidney Crosby go into the NHL?

2005-2006 was Crosby's first season

How did Sidney Crosby end up with the pens?

He got Drafted by them in 2006

Was Sidney Crosby the 2006-2007 NHL MVP?

Yes. He won the Hart Trophy (League MVP) and the Pearson Trophy (MVP, voted by players) after the 2006-2007 season.

How many points did Shaquille O'Neal score in 2005-2006?

1181 points

How many points did the cowboys score in 2006?


Does Sidney Crosby live with Mario Lemieux?

Yes, for approx. 26 games in the 2005-2006 season before Lemieux retired.

How much is a Sidney Crosby rookie card?

It depends on the brand of card and the year it came out...His rookie year was 2005-2006. For example if you have his upper deck ice card from that year it is booked at $3500.

Who was the Pittsburgh penguins captain in 2006?

Mario Lemieux in the beginning of the season and they had no captain at the end

When did Sidney Frank die?

Sidney Frank died in 2006.

How many points did d wade score every game in 2006 nba finals?

His average in the 2006 nba finals was 34.7