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Yes, for approx. 26 games in the 2005-2006 season before Lemieux retired.

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he used to but a few weeks ago Crosby bought a house of his own, but it is close to Mario

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no because Mario is the owner of the team and he doesn't play hockey anymore and Sidney took over his place as captain

yeah... they did actually

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26 I believe..

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Q: Does Sidney Crosby live with Mario Lemieux?
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Who is Sidney Crosby's friends?

Should be who does Sidney Crosby live with. He lives with the Lemieux family.

Does Sidney Crosby live with Mario lemiuex?


Where does Sidney Crosby live in pittsburgh?

Sidney lives with Mario Lemeiux

Where does Sidney Crosby live?

Sidney just bought a house in Halifax in Canada. That's his summer home. During the hockey season he lives with Mario Lemieux in Sewickly, Pittsburgh. Has anybody ever asked themselves why it is that Sidney Crosby, a full grown man, who makes more than $10 million a year is obligated to live at his employer's home in a two room basement flat. Something fishy going on there!

Does Sidney Crosby live in Mario Lemeuixs basement?

Not anymore. He lived with Mario Lemeuix from 2005 to 2010. He bought his own house in 2010.

Where did Mario lemieux live when he was a child?


Where did Mario lemieux live?

He live in large mansion right outside of Pittsburgh.

Does Sidney Crosby still live with his parents?

nope im pretty sure theyre happily married

Where does Sidney crosbey live?

Sidney Crosby currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania during the NHL season while he plays for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Does Mario lemieux live in Canada?

Mario lives in an exclusive suburb outside of Pittsburgh, but is building a home in the Montreal area. He plans on keeping his permanent home in Pittsburgh.

Who is currently the most famous winter olympic athlete?

Yu Na Kim, Lindsey Vonn, Shaun White, or Sidney Crosby depending on where you live.

Why don't Sidney Crosby's parents go to his games?

They do go to some games, especially during the playoffs, but they live in Nova Scotia - not exactly in commuting distance.