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how many players get injured in a year in professional football

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Q: How many players in the NFL have been on the injured list for the year 2006-2007?
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In baseball what is the injured players list called?

The DL or Disabled List.

Do the players still get paid if they are on the injured list?


What is DL in baseball?

Disabled List. This is a list for injured players. Players can be placed on either the 15 or 60 day DL, depending on the severity of the injury.

What is the hockey definition for IR?

Injured Reserve: Players that are injured and will be unavailable to play for a lengthy amount of time are placed on this list so that a team may bring in other players as replacements.

What is an injured reserve waiver in professional football?

'Waived injured' means the team is releasing the player but the player is injured. The team is responsible to pay the player until his injury has healed. This is usually done by reaching an agreement for a specific amount of money, called an injury settlement. Other teams are allowed to pick up players on the waived injured list but they are forewarned that the player is not in condition to play. Sometimes, if a player on the waived injured list is not selected by another team, the team will retain the player and place him on its injured reserve list.

What does it mean when a NFL player is waived injured?

'Waived injured' means the team is releasing the player but the player is injured. The team is responsible to pay the player until his injury has healed. This is usually done by reaching an agreement for a specific amount of money, called an injury settlement. Other teams are allowed to pick up players on the waived injured list but they are forewarned that the player is not in condition to play. Sometimes, if a player on the waived injured list is not selected by another team, the team will retain the player and place him on its injured reserve list.

If an MLB player is on injury reserve list does he gets paid?

Yes baseball players are still paid even if they're on the Disabled List. The only thing that occurs is that the player isn't able to play because they are injured. It isn't their fault that they are injured- most of the time.

What is the NFL disabled list?

Injured reserve list

If a Major League Baseball player is brought up from the farm team in September can they play in the playoffs?

Yes, but only in case of injury. According to MLB Rule 40A: "A player must be on his club's active big league roster or disabled list (or bereavement list, suspended list, or military list) on August 31 in order to be eligible for post-season play." However, there are rules that allow for players that were called up in September to replace players that are injured during the playoffs and placed on the disabled list. In these cases, the replacement player must have been on the team's 40 man roster and must play the same position as the injured player.

How many Nevada-las Vegas players have been drafted by the nba?

There have been 36 players in the ABA and NBA who attended UNLV. Click on the 'UNLV Pro Basketball Players' link below to see a list of them.

How does the injured reserve work in the NFL?

The injured reserve is a list of players who are injured and unable to play. NFL teams use the reserve so they can keep a player on the team but not take up a roster spot. A team is allowed 53 players on the roster.Currently, the NFL's injured reserve rule restricts a player from returning to play during the season that he's placed on the list. For further information on the rules concerning the contract status and compensation for injured players, see the Collective Bargaining Agreement (or CBA).This represented a rule change which, I believe (I'm still researching this), was instituted when the current CBA was ratified.Prior to that, the injured reserve rule distinguished between a player going on the list before the final roster was set (in pre-season) and after that. A player going on injured reserve in pre-season was, like now, lost for the season but a player going on the list during the season only had to sit out for a minimum of four games.Apparently, the NFL owners pushed for this rule change in an effort to police themselves. I've read that some, unnamed, owners (the NFL owners' meetings are private) felt that some teams were illegally using the injured reserve list to stash players who weren't really injured to circumvent the rules on roster limits (to gain a competitive advantage).

What is the MLB restricted list?

The restricted list is a lot like the disabled list, but the conditions under which a player can be put on the restricted list are a lot different. For example, one doesn't have to be be injured to go on the restricted list, but one can be. The restricted list is a list of players to whom certain teams have contractual obligations, but are currently not a part of the team and may not play in an MLB game.

Do NFL players get paid when they are out of a game?

Players can and do get paid when they are not on the active roster. Players who are under contract to a team draw a paycheck unless they have been Suspended by either the NFL or the Team or have been placed on the Non-Football Injury List (NFI).

Does the NFL roster include injured players?

Yes. The NFL mandates that teams put out an injury report every week to declare who's hurt and how bad. However, when a player is seriously injured, and that injury will take a long time to heal, the team may put the player on 'injured reserve'. This is a list outside the normal roster limits, but once on the list, a player cannot rejoin the regular roster that season.

What does NFL inactive mean?

15 minutes before a regulation NFL game, both teams must present an "Inactive" list of 8 players to the officials. That means of a team's 53 man roster, only 45 may participate in the game itself. The lone exception is if the team has a 3rd string quarterback on the inactive list. There are separate rules for the 3rd string QB and how he may participate in a game, if at all. The question then is, why have an inactive list? It's an attempt by the NFL to create a competitive balance on game day. Due to the brutal nature of the sport, a team can carry players on its 53 man roster that may be too injured to play in that game, but not so injured that they need to be put on Injured Reserve and miss the rest of the season. Having an inactive list that removes 8 players on game day, basically guarantees that both teams will have the same number of healthy players available on game day, whether or not the 8 inactive players are truly injured. I do not know why 8 was chosen. Quite naturally, the reasoning for an inactive list is controversial. Teams still must pay the inactive player their entire game day salary, and must pay to transport, feed, and lodge their inactive players on road trips. Also, limiting the amount of active players puts more players at risk of injury as it is more difficult to rest starters in blowouts, and regular players must also contribute more on special teams.

How many players from Puerto Rico have been in baseball?

According to Baseball Almanac, as of the start of the 2007 season 223 former and current MLB players had been born in Puerto Rico. Click on the 'MLB Players born in Puerto Rico' link on this page to see a list of those players.

Is there a list of English born players in premeirship?

It is possible that someone somewhere has compiled a list of English players.

When does a player have to sign with an nba team in order to be eligible for the playoffs?

Each team that qualifies for the NBA Playoffs must submit a list of its players eligible to compete in playoff games on the day following the end of the regular season. Because there is no Injured List for the NBA Playoffs, each playoff team must designate the 12 players eligible for the playoffs from all of its regular season lists (Active, Injured and Suspended). A player who is on the Injured, Active or Suspended List at the end of the regular season, but who is not designated for playoff eligibility, need not be waived. He remains on the appropriate regular season list through the NBA Playoffs. Teams must have at least nine eligible players dressed and able to play in a playoff game. Teams failing to comply are subject to fines.

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How many players are allowed to be on a WNBA team roster at one time?

12 players (as with nba) not certain how many may be on the injured list-one for certain however, may be up to 3 as with nba (will research further)

Which NFL players have MySpace pages?

Here is a list of Sports players official myspace pages: There are some NFL players on the list.

How many players are on an NBA roster?

From Larry Coon's CBA FAQ An NBA team can have a maximum of 15 players on its roster during a season. A team must have 12 players on its active roster1, although they can drop to 11 for up to two weeks at a time. They must suit-up at least eight players for every game. Any remaining players must be on its Inactive List, and are ineligible to play in games. A team must have a minimum of one and a maximum of three players on its Inactive List, although they can drop to zero for up to two weeks at a time, and can temporarily have four (bringing their roster size to 16) with league approval in the event of a hardship. The composition of the Inactive List can change on a game-by-game basis -- no less than 60 minutes prior to tipoff, the team must present to the official scorer a list of the players who will be active for that game. A player can be inactive for as little as one game. While individual teams are only required to carry 13 players, (12 active and one inactive), the NBA also guarantees a league-wide average of at least 14 players per team. The league is surcharged if they do not meet this obligation. Injured Reserve is the former name of the Inactive List. It was originally intended for players who were injured and unable to play, however teams often used it as a convenient place to stash extra players. While a medical reason was required for players to be put on Injured Reserve, the league did not insist on an independent physician confirming the diagnosis. Thus it was common for a seemingly healthy player to suddenly develop "back spasms" right before rosters were cut to 12 players, and spend the entire season on Injured Reserve as a result. With the 1995 CBA they gave up the ghost, dropped the medical requirement, and changed the designation to "Inactive List." (The cynic will note that marginal NBA players seem to have a lot fewer back spasms nowadays.) Players assigned to the NBA Developmental League (see question number 78) are automatically placed on their team's Inactive List. During the offseason a team can have up to 20 players on its roster. For 2011-12 teams may have 13 players on their active rosters. A team with 13 active players does not need to have any players on its Inactive List. This change may become permanent starting with the 2012-13 season.

What is the NFL reserve suspended list?

Players are put on the reserve suspension list when they have been suspended from playing a certain amount of games, but their suspension is generally not caused by an injury.

What does being placed on the IR list mean in the NFL?

IR means that a player is on a injured resreved list and that player isnot going to be able to finish the current seasion.A torn acl can be a result of a player becoming on the ir list.I hope this helped if you have any other qestions don't hessitate to ask or you can look on this websote for a more detailed explantion -JordanThe IR list is Injured Reserve. When a player is placed on the IR, it means they have suffered a season ending injury. In order to free the players spot on the roster, a team places the injured player on the Injured Reserve list. The player is still under contract with the team, unless an injury settlement is reached and the player is released, but cannot be placed on the active roster for the rest of the season/year.

Was Tom Brady on the injured reserve list?

for 2008, yes