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Well there has to be at least 5 players. A team can range from 8-15 players

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Q: How many players in basket ball team?
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How many players are there in a basket ball team?

there are 5 players in a basketball team

How many player in basket ball?

their are 5 players on each team at a time a team can have as many players as they want

How many staring players on a basket ball team?

5 on the court at a time.

How many players are on the red raiders basketball team?

im on the pulaski red raieders and for basket ball there is 10 for girls for

How many players are on a soccerball team?

how many players are on a soccer ball team

Is it a foul if a few players are wrestling for the ball at their own basket area?

No, because they are on one team.

How many volley ball players make a team?

9 players per team

What are the rules of the game of basketball?

Basketball is a team sport played by teams of five players. You score by throwing the basket ball in the basket. The point value of the basket depends on where the ball was thrown from. The game is divided into twenty minute halves.

How many players are on a foot ball team?

it is 11 player how dumb are you

How many starting players on a basketball team et ball team?

Their is five starting players.

How many players are on a soccer ball team?

11 on each team.

How many players are on a volley ball team?

There are 6 players on a volley ball team, playing, at a time. Only 2 for beach volleyball.

Who gets the ball back after its shot in the wrong basket?

If the ball goes in, it counts as a score for the team whose basket it is and the other team gets the ball. In other words, if you make a goal for the other team, you get the ball back.

What kind of sport team is the lakers?

The lakers is a Basket ball team

How many players in voly ball in one team?

Well there is really no limit on how many players on one team, but on the court at one time there are 6 players.

How many players will be there in a beach volley team?

there can be any where from 2-8 players on any volley ball team. there are mostly 6 players

How many members are there in a dodge ball team?

6-10 players.

How many volly ball players in national and international team?


How many boyfriends Deepika Padukone had?

8 excluding her school's basket ball team, and the football team, and the swimming team and the kabadi team. :D

In the NBA if an player purposely shoots the ball in the opposing team basket does the basket count?


Best basket ball team?

Probably the LA Lakers.

What was the 1969 OSU basket ball team called?


What is the name of the nz basket ball team?

The women's basketball team is the Silver Ferns

Why do basketball players rush the basket after every foul shot...Doesn't the other team get possession regardless?

Not at all. If the shot is missed it's anyones ball.

How many players in a wally ball team?

Assuming you meant 'Volleyball' - there are six members in each team.