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6-10 players.

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Q: How many members are there in a dodge ball team?
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How many players in a wally ball team?

Assuming you meant 'Volleyball' - there are six members in each team.

What is a good girls dodge ball team name?

Duckin Dives or Diving Ducks from the 5 D's of dodge ball.

Is dodge ball a team sport?

Dodge ball is a sport because, you move around trying not to be hit then once you get the ball you have to aim at the other team to get them out!!So i hope you will get help from my answer .By Alex Walters

What is the most popular dodge ball team?

Seattle Southern Fried.

What are the official rules of dodge ball?

step 1 you have to dodge the ball and if the ball hits you your out.step 2 if you catch the ball you bring back a player ,and if the other team has no people standing they loose

What team game is rugby very much like?

dodge ball hahaha

How do you win at dodge ball?

Your team must eliminate all the players in the opposition

How many members in a team pursuit?

4 members in a team pursuit.

How does the team score in a basketball game?

The opposite team's goal is to capture the ball from the other team who has the ball and the team which has the ball must score the ball in towards the opponent's hoop while also defending an d attacking, attackers must attack other members of the opposite team while the defending team defends the ball.

Who is the good guy in dodgeball?

Dodge ball is a team game, there are no good guy or bad guys, it's just team vs team.

How many members are on a snowboarding team?

There are 18 members on the Olympic winter 2010 team

How many members in ahocky team?

A field hockey team consists of 11 members

How many members in a hocky team?

A field hockey team consists of 11 members

How is bench ball played?

it is similar to dodge ball, there is 2 teams and you have to hit the other team with a ball, you must hit them knee down. when they get hit they stand on a bench behind your team. to be released the must catch a ball direct from somebody on their own team. the winner is the team with the most people on their bench

Which ball games use two or more balls?

Pool, billiards, croquet, boccie ball, dodge ball (depending on the house rules), team golf,

What are facts about dodgeball?

About Dodgeball:* There are two teams* The goal is to eliminate members of the opposite team until none are left* A player is eliminated if the ball touches them. It does not count if they get hit in the head, or groin areas. If it bounces before it hits them, it does not count.* If a player catches the ball, then the player who through it is out* if someone catches the ball on your team, or if someone on the other team gets out, you get back in the game5 D's: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Duck, and DodgeDon't get hit by the ballHit the other team with the ballCatch the ball to get the other team outDon't be a pussy

10 members of the Wacky Basketball Team always have a warm up drill in which each player tosses the ball to each of the other players. How many times is the ball tossed?


How many team members on a team?

6 at least--otherwise, as many as wanted

How many players are on a soccerball team?

how many players are on a soccer ball team

How do you play dodgeball?

well, first you have to join a dodge ball team or clubHere are the easy steps on how to play dodgeball;1)you run to the line where the dodge balls are positioned the you take the ball back to the wall.2) you throw the ball to what ever person you want to get out .3)when you have threw the ball you have to dodge to make curtain that you will not get out.4)If you catch the ball one of your team players goes back into the game.5)when you try to get the ball of the opposing side you have to watch out because they might hit you with the ball and get you out of the game until someone catches you back in.

How many members are there on a baseball team?


How many members will there be for team WWE?

There were 7

How many members in a bowling team?


How many members on a winter ski team?

It depends on what kind of a team it is.

How many team members are on a tennis team?

There is one or two, it depends.