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44 players but only 22 play and 18 are on the field.

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Q: How many players in an AFL team?
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How many people in an afl team?

There are 22 players in one team per match, but there are between 40 - 50 players in the whole team

How many players in afl match on the field in one team?

18 at a time

How many AFL players are there?

in 2009 with 16 teams there is approximately (at 32 per team) 510 players.

How many AFL players per team n the field?

18 each side.

What team has the most players in AFL?

collingwood magpies

How many Footy players on a team?

In AFL football, there are 18 people in a footy team with a few interchange/subs

How many players are there on an AFL team?

18 are supposed to be on the field. and a few rookies and benchwarmers!

How many players on a football team on a pitch at one time?

11 for Soccer 18 for AFL

How many AFL players on the AFL field?

18 players on the field, plus 4 interchange players. 22 total.

When a normal AFL home and away game how many players sit on the interchange bench for one team?


How many players are on an Australian Football League team?

There are 22 players in an AFL football team. 18 are on the field at one time with four players on the interchange bench, which can be used as a replacement at any time. This information comes from:

When was AFL Players Association created?

AFL Players Association was created in 1974.

In an afl game how many players are on the field and bench?


Are Soccer players know better then AFL players?

Yes, Soccer players are better known internationally than AFL players.

How many afl championships do the raiders have?

the raiders don't have an afl team. the raiders are nrl

How many people are on a AFL team?

There are 15 players on an afl team. Although the Australian game, when played overseas, may have only 9, 12 or even 15 players due to small ground sizes available or lack of numbers, the game as played in Australia, normally plays 18 on the field with 4 substitutes on the sidelines.

How many players are on the field at one time?

eleven In Australian Rule (The AFL) 36. 18 from each team. With 3 interchange and 1 substitute on the bench.

Which sport has the most players?


How many players are on a soccerball team?

how many players are on a soccer ball team

Are AFL players good role models?

Generally, yes they are good role models. There aren't as many incidents as league has but not all AFL players are perfect - look at Ben Cousins

Which AFL team has won 10 premierships?

Which AFL team has won 10 premierships

Which AFL team joined the AFL in 1995?

The Fremantle Dockers joined the AFL in 1995.

Which afl team has the most indigenous players?

I would expect that would be Fremantle Dockers or Melbourne right now [2011]

How many players are for Kho-Kho team?

There are 12 players in a Kho- Kho team.

Why do afl players wear gloves?

Afl players mainly wear gloves because they could get some more grip on the ball