How many players do Brazil have for football?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: How many players do Brazil have for football?
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How many soccer players are in the country of Brazil?

This is hard to answer as football is the national game of Brazil.

Do Brazil football players where blue shorts?

Yes it is blue.

What do Brazil football players eat before games?


Is there any Muslim in Brazil football team?

Kaka,Fred and Dani Alves are Muslim players in Brazil Football Team. n_n

How many soccer players are there in Brazil?

there are 22 players in Brazil's team

Where do German football players come from?

Oh they come from many countries ,like Germany, Poland Turkey, Brazil as well.

Who are Brazil's most famous football players?

Pele ronaldinho and Rolando and Kaka

How many players on the Brazil team?


How many football players are one a football team altogether?

Around 25 players

In football how many players are on the from each team?

In regular football the is only eleven players on the field.

Are Brazil Argentina and Spain the best football teams?

Brazil is the best in football . BRAZIL=FOOTBALL

How many players on defense in football on field?

11 players