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Yes it is blue.

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Q: Do Brazil football players where blue shorts?
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What are Brazil's football team colours?

Brazil wears yellow jerseys with either green or blue shorts

Which Scottish football club is nicknamed 'The Blue Brazil'?


What are Brazil's football team colors?

Yellow, green and blue

What Scottish football team is nicknamed Blue Brazil?


Why does the French football team wear blue?

The kit is blue jersey, white shorts and red socks, recalling the colors of the french flag.

What colours are on a Brazil soccer jersey?

Yellow and green for the home players. Blue and yellow for the away players. Brazil's soccer jersey is one of the most recognizable jerseys in the world for it's colors.

How many players are contracted with Blue Kipper?

Since the definition of contracted is to decrease in size, number and range and Blue Kipper is a Football Club related website, zero players are contracted with Blue Kipper.

What matches with blue basketball shorts?

Gold, white, or red and white will complement the blue shorts.

In what movie there are two football players in football shirts numbered 65 and 63 in blue and white colors?

i think its the gridiron gang

What are the colors of the new york red bulls?

Home kit- White shirt, Red shorts, and White socks. Away kit- Blue shirt, Blue shorts, and Blue socks. (Third kit)- Blue shirt, Yellow shorts, and Blue socks.

What colour kit do Bolton football club play in?

Bolton's home jerseys are white with blue shorts and blue on the left shoulder, and they away kit is black with tiny bits of yellow on it.

Does a red shirt go with blue shorts?

That isn't the best combo, maybe white shorts and red. Or maybe a white shirt with the blue shorts. Hope that was the answer you were looking for!

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