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2 - 4 players.

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Q: How many players are there in single play of table tennis?
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How many players can play in table tennis?

Up to four players, two on each side, can play one game of table tennis.

How many players are needed for the table tennis games?

"To play a game of table tennis there are usually two or four players, just like in a real tennis game played on a tennis court. Tennis across a table or across a tennis court is still fun."

How many players played table tennis?


How many maximum players in table tennis?


How many players in lawn tennis in single team?


How many players are on a table tennis team?

The Olympic format is 3 players minimum with a optional 2 alternate players

How many Indian Table tennis players participated in Seol Olympics?

there were exactly 42 indian players.

How many players are there in table tennis?

Between 2-4 plus a ref

How many players in table tennis game?

He likes to beat people with his paddle... xD

At the most how many players can play table tennis?

When it's competitive table tennis, you can play two on each side (doubles), but if you're just messing around you could have as many as you want! Rob

How many table tennis rules are there?

there are 12 rules in table tennis

Who are the tennis players who live in Florida?

There are many tennis players training in Florida because they have some of the best tennis players in the world including Bolliteri tennis academy.

How many tennis players are there in the world?

There are over 1000000000 tennis players in the whole world.

How many players in a lawn tennis doubles?

there are 4 players in lawn tennis doubles.

How many players would have participated in an open tennis tourney in which a total of 127 single matches were played?


What are table tennis cases for?

Table tennis cases are used to hold and protect your table tennis racket. is one of many web sites you can go to check out selections of table tennis racket cases.

What is the weight of the table tennis's table?

There are many different types and makes of table tennis tables, so their weights will be different, but typically a table tennis table will weigh approximately 116 Kg / 255 pounds.

When 78 players entered a single elimination tennis tournament How many matches were played to determine the overall champ?


78 players entered a single elimination tennis tournament- how many matches were played to determine the overall champion?


How many players are on a tennis team?

only two players.

How many countries play table tennis?

There are 215 countries affiliated to the International Table Tennis Federation.

How many years did the Parthenon hold table tennis?

The Parthenon is a historical site and has never had table tennis.

How many medals has England won in the Olympics on table tennis?

England have not won any Olympic Table Tennis medals. China have won the majority of the table tennis medals since table tennis joined the Olympics in 1988.

How many players can play tennis?

2 players for singles and 4 players for doubles.

Are there different sizes for table tennis tops?

"There are many different sizes for table top tennis. You have options such as a novelty size, mini table tennis, and a conversion top table also. The size of the table may vary on your personal choice."