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there would usually be max 4 players

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Q: How many players are there in a shuttle badminton team?
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How many players are in the badminton team?

badminton is played like tennis,singles or doubles

How many players can play on a badminton team?

Only the 2 on a team

How many numbers of players in a badminton team?

singles or doubles

How many players make up a team in badminton?

its not a team sport yuo play singels or dubbels

What is the amount of players on a badminton team?

In singles, there are 2 players, 1 on each side. In doubles, there are 4 players, 2 on each team.

Compare and contrast football and badminton?

Football in America is a contact sport that has 11 players on each team. Badminton is a racket sport that has one, sometimes 2 players on each team. In football the ball can be kicked or tossed. In badminton a ball is hit with a racket.

What happens when a badminton shuttle lands on the line while a serve?

the team who hit it loses their turn and the other team scores a point, then serves

When do players change sides in badminton?

When one team has reached 11 points

What is single in badminton?

it means 1 person in each team . There is even doubles in which two players in each team play.

How many people play badminton in a team?

Badminton is played like tennis, in singles or doubles. It is not a team sport.

Does your partner get a serve in badminton doubles?

When the serving team loses a point, the serve changes to the opposing team. Each of the players on a team serve alternately when the team has the serve.

What sports have four players per team?

Badminton or tennis including enemies if doubles

What do badminton officials do during and after the game?

the official sucks off the team players duri ng the game. Then after the game the players all suck off the official :) have a nice day!

How many players are on a soccerball team?

how many players are on a soccer ball team

Who is the coach of Indian Badminton team?

The coach of the Indian Badminton team is Pullela Gopi Chand. The Badminton Association of India is the governing body of the badminton sport in India.

How many players on a netball team?

There are 7 players on each team.

How many players on a hurling team?

There are 15 players on a Hurling team.

How many players are there on a hurling team?

A standard team has 15 players.

How many players on a pro hockey team?

There are 22 players on a team

How many players are in a korfball team?

four players

How many players are on one team?

You can have as many players you want on one team, but there are 6 ppl on each team that are on the court.

Why do the Vancouver Canucks have so many players in their team?

That is how many players is needed on a NHL team.

How many people can be on a badminton court at once?

4, 2 on each team/side playing doubles.Schools often play with several more to incorporate more players into the game itself.

How many basketball players to a team?

A minimum of 10 players to a maximum of 15 players can be on a basketball team.

How many players are there on a professional soccer team?

11 players per team.