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four players

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Q: How many players are in a korfball team?
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Who are the most 4 famous korfball players?

Ava Simone Richardson

Do they play korfball in Norway?

No. Korfball is a Dutch sport. I don't think that korfball is popular in Norway

Why do the Vancouver Canucks have so many players in their team?

That is how many players is needed on a NHL team.

How many players are on one team?

You can have as many players you want on one team, but there are 6 ppl on each team that are on the court.

How many players to a basketball team?

on the Syracuse basketball team there is 18 players

How many players for one team on the soccer field?

11 players in a team.

How high is a korfball hoop for adults?

An adult korfball post is 3.5m high

When was Highbury Korfball Club created?

Highbury Korfball Club was created in 1998.

When was Korfball at the World Games created?

Korfball at the World Games was created in 1985.

When was Korfball European Bowl created?

Korfball European Bowl was created in 2005.

When was Korfball Europa Cup created?

Korfball Europa Cup was created in 1967.

How big is the korfball court?

An indoor korfball court is 40x20m, outdoors is 60x30m