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When the serving team loses a point, the serve changes to the opposing team. Each of the players on a team serve alternately when the team has the serve.

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Q: Does your partner get a serve in badminton doubles?
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Can you serve behind your partner in badminton?

Yes you can. The male usually serves behind the female in competitive mixed doubles.

In badminton doubles when you serve can it go in the double lines?


According to the rules of badminton what happens if the serve does not travel diagonally?

If in any game you must make your serve diagonally to the other team. If this is not done then either your partner when playing doubles will begin to serve or it will turn over to the other team. And then it is time for the other team to win some points.

In badminton doubles can the server stand in the tramlines in order to serve to the backhand?


In badminton what happens if your partner hits the birdie that was served to you?

You redo the serve and the other team gets a point.

What is out on the court in doubles game of badminton?

During the main part of a badminton doubles rally, every part of the court is in. However, the serve must fall into the 'short and fat' area diagonally opposite the server. The side tramlines are in, but the rear tramlines are out during the serve.

What does doubles mean in badminton?

It means your playing in teams of Two. So you and a partner are playing against 2 other people.

How do you lose your serve in badminton?

well, when playing badminton, you always serve underarm. If you serve over arm, then you lose the serve.

Foul serve in badminton?

in badminton you serve from the line closest to the net an you must serve underarm. overarm or not from the line is a foul serve.

How do you serve in badminton?

In Badminton you serve by throwing the shutle into the air and then hit it under arm

Badminton strategies for single and doubles?

One simple badminton strategy often used in singles is to serve long and high to your opponent's back court. This will force your opponent to move back to the baseline and open up his forecourt. Use a short serve when you want your opponent to lift the shuttle. It is commonly used during doubles.

How do you know where to serve from and to in a badminton game?

if the server has an even number of points they should serve from the right box across the net into the left. if the server has an odd number of points they should serve from left to right, in both singles and doubles.

What types of badminton are played?

mixed = guys verse girl. singles = versing the same gender. doubles = playing with a partner.

Can you have a second serve in a badminton match?

No. If the service is faulted, the point is given to the other team. You are allowed 1 serve in badminton.

When playing badminton a serve that can be retaken is called?

A serve that can be retaken is called

What does interception mean in badminton?

Interception happens in doubles badminton game and this normally happens more in the front part of the court (mostly the netkills). When you are playing in parallel and if your partner is bit away from the middle of the court and you see that the opponent is making a drop little over the net, then you should intercept into the line of your partner to give a quick reply for your opponent. Do not intercept your partner's line in the rear part of the court then it's a mistake.

3 types of service in badminton?

there are four main types of serve in badminton;1. forehand high serve (mostly womens singles)2. forehand low serve (mostly mens singles)3. backhand low serve (mostly mens singles/ both sexes doubles and also mixed doubles)4. backhand flick serve (mostly doubles)These are simply guidelines and it is best to master them all and keep changing your service, hence keeping the opponent guessing where the serve will land.

How many medals has Nathan robertson won?

Nathan has won one Olympic medal, a silver in mixed doubles badminton (with partner Gail Emms) at the 2004 Games in Athens. Nathan has won gold medals in mixed doubles at the World Championships and Commonwealth Games, also with partner Gail Emms.

What is a low serve in badminton?

A low serve is a serve that just goes over the net and lands in the forecourt of your opponent, this is mostly used in doubles but if you use every now and again in a singles match you might catch you opponent off guard and win an easy point,

Do you have to serve underhand In badminton?

No you can serve underhand or overhand it doesnt matter

Why do you serve diagonally in badminton?

because you have to

What is the ace in badminton?

A serve which is not returned

What is length and width of badminton court for doubles?

Length and width of badminton court for doubles is 44 feet and 20 feet respectively.

What is serve in badminton?

a serve is were you use a variety of techniques to get the shuttle to the other side.

Types of service in badminton?

There are four types of badminton serves: low serve, high serve, flick serve, and drive serve. The angle of these serves can also be varied: straight, wide, or at the receiver. hope this helps :)