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Q: How many players are on a field in pro soccer?
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Things that come in groups of eleven?

soccer players pro soccer players on the field and 11 ladies dancing

Do pro soccer players get many injuries?

Yes, soccer players do get a wide variety of injuries.

Who makes more money Pro NFL football players or pro soccer players?


What makes up a pro soccer team?

pro soccer players

How many professional soccer players are there in the continent of Africa?

There are about 300 pro players in Africa

How much do soccer players get paid?

40 to 30 million pro soccer players

Can a pro soccer team have 9 players on the field to play?

If two are sent off and you have no subs or you've used them all, then yes

What is the typical salary for a pro soccer players?

About $12,300,00.

What is a typical day for pro soccer players?


How much do pro soccer players weigh?


How many pro soccer players experience poverty?

None these days. Reserve players even get paid about 70-80,000$ a year.

How can I contact Pro soccer players in Europe?

Try email.