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5 is incorrect 3-2 count is 5 pitches then a 3rd strike would make the total number possible 6

The correct answer is 11. 3-1 count, man is on first, and 2 outs. Next pitch is a strike for a 3-2 count but the runner on first attempts to steal, but is thrown out for out number 3. Same batter comes up to the plate the next inning and is dealt with a 3-2 count then walks or strikes out on the next pitch. The inning before the batter was thrown 5 pitches and the next inning the batter was thrown 6 pitches for a total of 11. The previous inning at bat and the at bat the following inning counts as the same at bat.

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Q: How many pitches can a batter take without swinging his bat?
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How many pitches can a batter take without swinging before he walks or is called on strikes?

Five, a total of three balls and two strikes. The next pitch will either walk her, or put her out.

How many pitches can there be to a batter without an out?

There is no number you can keep fouling balls off forever there is no limit

How many pitches were called balls if a batter had a full count?


How many pitches are there in softball?

Its just like baseball, 3 Strikes- Batter is out 4 Balls- Batter gets a free walk to first base

How many balls have to be pitched in baseball to walk a batter?

4trivial knowledge:This could be done with actually no pitches thrown if the pitcher comments illegal pitches -- but yes.. generally 4 pitches for balls equals a freebie

A batter has 2 strikes he can foul off many pitches even when the pitcher keeps pitching strikes the batter cant hit in bounds the pitcher gets penlized should de 2strikes than 2fouls he is out?

No, why should the batter be penalized for "staying alive" by fouling off pitches. The classic confrontation between pitcher and batter is the heart of baseball.

How many pitches are there in baseball?

There is no limit to how many pitches can be thrown in a game.

How many pitches are in little league baseball?

80 pitches

In little league you have a batter in full count and change pitcher the new pitcher threw one strike and the batter is out who is responsible for that defensive out?

In any league, the last pitcher to pitch the ball is responsible for that batter. If he strikes him out, the credit goes to him, regardless of how many pitches he throws.

What pitcher made the fewest pitches in one inning?

There are many pitchers who have made the fewest pitches in one inning. Three. Each batter swung at the first pitch and it resulted in an out. It still happens today, although it's usually four to six.

How many strikes or balls will you get in a softball game?

In an at bat a batter as to get 4 balls before they walk. A walk meaning they get to be on first base. In a at bat where there are no foul balls they batter gets three strikes before they are out. If there are foul balls they count as pitches, but a batter can not strike out on a foul ball that is not caught.

How many warm-up pitches does a re-entering pitcher get?

5 pitches.

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