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18 pieces

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Q: How many pieces of leather are used to make an indoor volleyball?
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Mhow many pieces of leather are used to make an indoor volleyballeasurements of materials in a volleyball?

Most volleyballs have 18 panels.

What material is use to make the volleyball?


How do you make a phrase that put together the history of volleyball indoors outdoors volleyball and the rules of volleyball?

think, look up the rules for both indoor and outdoor volleyball and make a phrase that's like catchy or something (:

How many pices of leather is stitched together to make a football?

how many pieces of leather are stiched together to make a football

How did cavemen make clothes?

out of fur and stitched pieces together with strips of leather

What can you make out of lether on Minecraft?

minecraft wiki it 1-4) Leather armour, there are 4 pieces

How many volleyball players make a team?

Usually for indoor, 6 players are on the court at once, and for beach, generally, 2 players on a team.

Why is leather plastic and a rubber bladder used to make a basketball?

The basketball is made of an outer coating surrounding an inner rubber bladder. The leather outside is normally on an indoor-only ball and is easily ruined if used outside. There are indoor/outdoor composite balls that are designed for recreational use.

How many pieces of leather does it take to make an official softball?

Two pieces, both more or less dogbone shaped sewn with a continuous seam.

Why is the volleyball made from leather?

because they wanted to make it out of leather not anything else so they did and so it is also its because reece is awesome Jacob is cool and chris is so short he cant be tall

How many pieces of leather are used to make a softball?

What? Have ever looked at a softball? There's two white pieces usally sewed together by red stitching.

What is a leatherworker?

Leatherworking is a profession that allows you to use leather to make Leather and Mail armor. Leather is provided by a Skinner (who uses a skinning knife to skin slain beasts). Leatherworkers can also improve such leather by combining multiple lesser pieces of leather into a single higher-grade leather. See related links for a listing of Leather-working Trainers

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