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Over 500,000 people from all around the world do Karate in different Dojo's.

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Q: How many people take karate?
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Can you be a teen and take karate?

There are no age limits in karate. People can start their journey at any age.

How many people study karate a month?

There are tens of thousands of karate students in the US alone.

Who came up with karate?

there are many different types of karate and they are all created by different people

How many people play on a karate team?

At a karate match, in all there are 12 players on each team.

How do you say i like to take karate in spanish?

"I would like to take karate" = "Querría tomar karate"

How does karate help people?

Karate helps people in many way * Self defence * To teach them patience * To help keep them fit * To give people a hobby or something to do

How many people do you need for karate match?


How many people like Karate kid?


How many days do you have to get a black belt in Karate?

It doesn't take a certain amount of days to get your black belt in karate. It all depend on you. It depends on how much you practice. There are people who get there black belt in 2 to 3 years. There are people who get there black belt in 5 to 6 years. It all depend on you.

How many people have won medals in the olymipics through karate?

That would be none, as Karate is not an Olympic sport. Taekwondo is in the Olympics.

How many years does it take to reach the highest rank in karate?

Styles of Karate differ but in any good system it should take 45-50 years to attain the highest rank.

How do you take the gym whit karate king?


How old do you have to be to take karate?

well in many karate dojo's you have to be at least 5 or already able to talk it shows that you can pay attention if you know how to speak.

Do Japanese people do Karate?

Karate originated in Japan, therefore, it is reasonable to think that Japanese people would practice Karate.

Did brenda ever take karate?

Yes, Brenda Sung did take Karate. She originaly wanted to join dance classes. But she ended up joining Karate with her Brother, who now no longer takes Karate classes.

How many people does karate need?

Two, it requires a teacher and a student.

How many people practice karate?

Karate has spread throughout the world. The total is probably impossible to accurately determine but it has to be in the hundreds of thousands based on the number of schools.

Can you Taking karate on disability?

Yes there have been many experiment of teaching karate to both physically and mentally disabled people wich have produced good results.

How many people practice karate world wide?

around 500 million

Did Muhammad Ali take karate?

No he was a full time in boxing and never did karate.

Where was karate it inverted?

Many places/people helped to influence and form the style of karate that is generally taught today. They came together in Okinawa and spread to Japan and Korea.

How many muscles does it take to karate kick?

thigh muscle, hamstring, calves and tibialis anterior

How many women do karate in the world?

Its impossible to count this in a world of 6 billion people!

Who founded karate?

There are many differant founders of differant styles of karate. eg: GKR karate or IGK karate Sho-to-kan karate all have differant founders.

How many many karate schools in china?

There are not many karate schools in China. The government there promotes Wushu. Karate is Japanese and the history between the two countries is not good.