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Q: How many people race at a time in freestyle skiing?
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Is freestyle skiing the same as ski cross?

No, ski cross is where you race against other skiers at the same time. Freestyle skiing is where skiers to jumps and tricks.

What types of skiing is there?

There is freestyle, where you do tricks off jumps and rails. There is slalom, where you race between two sets of poles. Alpine skiing, or downhill skiing, where you just go skiing for the fun of it. Cross country skiing, in which you push yourself forward on mostly flat terrain using your poles and skiis. Well, there's some!

You are looking for a word where skiing begins with down?

'downhill'While it may seem obvious that all skiing would be downhill, nevertheless there is a sporting race in skiing that is specifically called 'downhill' skiing, or the 'downhill' event. This race has very few turns, as opposed to the skiing 'slalom' event, which is also downhill, but has a zigzag course with many turns.

Is alpine skiing a race?

If you are recreationally skiing, then no, it is not a race. It is a chance to have fun. Remember that staying in control and skiing safely is more important than going fast. However, there is a division of alpine skiing that focuses on racing.

What is the difference between alpine skiing in Olympics and regular alpine skiing?

alpine skiing in the Olympics is a race and regular alpine skiing is recreational.

Which swimming race is the longest?

it is the 1500 metres freestyle ----

How many sports in the Winter Olympics 2010?

There will be a total of 86 medal events in 15 different sports. The line-up includes alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsleigh, cross country, skiing, curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, luge, nordic combined, short track speed skating, skeleton, ski jumping, snowboarding, and speed skating. One freestyle skiing event that's new to the Olympics this year is ski cross. In this event, four skiers race down the course at the same time. The first across the finish line wins.

A skiing event where athletes race down the hill?


How do you score in cross country skiing?

It is a race, the winner is the first to arrive

What is a birkie?

A birkie is a kind of American cross-country skiing race.

What is the order of events in individual medley race?

Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle

What is a zigzag skiing event?

A zigzag skiing event is a slalom. A slalom is a timed race that is done on a wavy course that has upright flags.

What is Dual Mogul Skiing?

dual mogul skiing is where 2 competitors race down the moguls at the same time on a mogul course.

How many people in a skiing race?

it depends. there could be up to 200 people in a non world cup race The non world cup races can have much more people than that. Vasaloppet has around 50.000 competitors spread over one week. The main race is limited to 16.000 competitors. Vasaloppet goes from Sälen to Mora in Sweden and is 90 km long.

How many people race motocross?

about 30 people race in a motocross and u race all around the world

How many people race in the Iditarod?

About 32 people

How many people can enter the Iditarod race?

less than 150 people can enter the race. less than 150 people can enter the race.

How did Freestyle Motocross start?

Many people credit Jeremy McGrath the great Supercross racer with the emergence of freestyle motocross. McGrath's bmx trick ("Nac-Nac") performed on a motorcycle was the first formerly named trick to be performed during a motocross race before freestyle motocross existed as anything more than a grass roots effort during the early to mid 1990's.

What is the name of a skiing event where athletes race down a hill that starts wth an 'a'?

it is alpine

What is the name of a downhill race?

If you are referring to skiing, then this would be known as Alpine skiing. There is also slalom races which involves markers in the trail which the skiers have to ski around.

Where can i Snow ski in America in the middle of July?

Mt. Hood, Oregon is open all summer, and is your best bet for summer skiing. Be aware that there are many race and freestyle camps operating up there in the summer, so there is limited space for the public to ski on. (Currently two trails). Mammoth Mountain (CA)is open until July 5th.

Can skiing be considered a recreational sport?

yes you can rec ski (groomers) or race (ski gates)

What is Stephanie Rice greatest sporting achievement?

in 2008 she won the freestyle race and she was so proud of her self

What is free style in swimming events?

Freestyle means the swimmer gets to choose their favorite stroke for that race .

Is the 500 yard free style a choice stroke?

No, however, if you do any of the other strokes during a freestyle race, you will not get disqualified. Freestyle is a stroke in its own, though. i am a swimmer and the freestyle just means that if your coach says it is Ok then you may swim another stroke.