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The answer to that is currently unknown.

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Q: How many people prefer basketball than football?
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How many people watch college basketball?

no one, football (soccer) is better.

How many people prefer football over soccer?

well depending on where one, lived they might prefer football over soccer or soccer over football. If one goes to Spain of course they're going to prefer soccer. Travel to America they might say football. Location, Location my friend.

How many people prefer freestyle swimming?

Many people prefer freestyle. They prefer it because it is efficient. They also prefer it because it it is fast.

What different sports do people play?

There are many sports out there for people to play. Baseball, football, soccer, basketball, hockey, swimming, track and field.

How many people prefer yahoo?

Most of the people are prefer yahoo .

How do you spell soccer and basketball in french?

French people use the word Basketball. Soccer is said "football", just as many European languages including British English.

How many championships has Missouri won?

Zero in Football And Basketball

Is hockey the funnest sport ever?

to some people yeah, but many people would prefer other sports like football, soccer, etc.

How Many People Can Fit In Ford Field?

It regularly seats 65,000, but it is expandable up to 70,000 for football, and 80,000 for basketball.

How many people play basketball in Canada in a year?

How many people play basketball

How many Americans watch soccer?

Not very many. Americans watch mostly football, then basketball, then college football, then college basketball, then baseball, and then soccer is somewhere near the end.

How many people play fantasy basketball?

Fantasy sports allow fans to create their version of a perfect team. There are not a lot of people who play fantasy basketball compared to other sports such as baseball and football.

How many seats in Ford field?

football: 65,000 basketball: 78,000

What if you had 80 baseball and half as many basketball as football cards and 20 more hockey cards than basketball cards and half as many football cards as baseball how many hockey cards would i have?

You start backwards, you know you have 80 baseball so that makes 40 football. 20 basketball, and 40 hockey.

Which sports makes more money college football or college basketball?

It will depend on the school! Many with a strong football program have a weaker basketball program and vice versa. In general, schools make more money from football, simply due to the fact that the stadiums hold so many more people and the games are on weekends. Basketball games are held in smaller venues that can't generate as many ticket sales, and many games are during the week.

How many states have a professional team in baseball basketball football and hockey?

Atlanta, Georgia Falcons-football Braves-baseball Hawks-basketball Thrashers-hockey California has kings - basketball Giants - baseball sharks - hockey athletics - baseball Angels - baseball clippers - basketball dodgers - baseball padres - baseball raiders - football Warriors - basketball lakers - basketball chargers - football 49ers - football LA kings - hockey ducks - hockey by far and away the most

How many schools have won national championships in football basketball and baseball?


Where do basketball players play at'?

Many basketball players play in the basket ball court. But others prefer to playin different places. An example is at home.

How many people was involved in basketball?

seven personels are involve in basketball

How many people like basketball?

I think that about 20 billion people like basketball by Ana

How many people play basketball worldwide?

About 30 million people play basketball worldwide

Why do people prefer to live near the coast?

Many people prefer to live near the coast because of the water. Water is fun and soothing for many people. There may also be jobs that they prefer there, too.

What do people do for fun in Latvia?

People in Latvia can go to many museums and cathedral around the place. The people there also enjoy walking on the nature trail and do some sports like football and basketball.

How many people play basketball in the Philippines?

Surprisingly only 11% of people play basketball in the Philippines.

How many people play basketball in Australia?

1200036987 people play NBL basketball is this answer even right???