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The whole world knows Rugby.

This is not strictly correct. To say that "the whole world knows Rugby" is to make an assumption that is not based on fact. Given the millions of people in remote areas of Asia and Africa, it would actually be less than 50% of the world who know about Rugby. this is also factoring the millions of people in developed nations who neither know about, nor care about, the existence of Rugby.

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I dont think anybody could answer that. But I would say most people do

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Q: How many people play sport in NZ?
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What sport do people in New Zealand play?

Rugby is the largest played and most popular organised sport in NZ but golf and fishing have more participants.

What percentage of NZ children play the sport rugby?


How many people in NZ play violent video games that are under the age?

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How many dutch people are in nz?

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How many people live in nz now?

There are 4,306,400 people in nz

How many people play soccer in New Zealand?

Soccer in NZ is a minority sport, after Rugby, cricket, netball, fishing...There are 500 football clubs in NZ, with 8 provincial teams in the only semi-professional league - the NZ Football Championship.NZ has one team in the Australian A-League - the Wellington Phoenix - which are the only fully-professional team in NZ.Soccer is the second most popular sport at secondary school with boys, with girls it represents only 6% of sport.The estimate is that around 80,000 people of all ages and sexes play soccer, out of a population of around 4.2M

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Who is famous in NZ for a sport?

Sir Richard Hadlee NZ Cricket player Sir Richard Hadlee NZ Cricket player

What is the most popular winter sport in new zealand has the most players actively playing?

Soccer is the most popular winter sport in NZ, more kds play soccer than rugby

How many people are you the nz asketball team?

12 people

How many people live in nz?

4,319,932 people! And counting ....

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