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Soccer is the most popular winter sport in NZ, more kds play soccer than Rugby

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Q: What is the most popular winter sport in new zealand has the most players actively playing?
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What do New Zealand soccer players get paid?

New Zealand soccer players are paid high salaries, and receive more money than United States players because the sport is more popular there. Players in the United States make around $7 million, and those in New Zealand make slightly more than that.

How many New Zealanders play rugby union How many registered players of rugby union in New Zealand?

New Zealand has 121,928 registered players as of 2007. This figure coincidentally is the 6th biggest in the world and New Zealand has 8000 less registered players than the next most popular Japan!

How many rugby league players are there in New Zealand?

Rugby league is thirds New Zealand most popular sport, so im guessing a fair few

What is the average salary for a professional New Zealand men's soccer player?

Since soccer is more popular there, the players will usually make more. It is estimated that players in New York $7 million so those in New Zealand make about the same if not more.

How popular is New Zealand?

not very popular

Is the Italian Greyhound popular in New Zealand?

Yes, the Italian Greyhound is popular in New Zealand.

How much do rugby players get playing for there country?

Depends what country, some countries play higher to their players like New Zealand and Australia, some countries dont pay their rep players at all like Lebanon and Russia.

Which country is new zealand planning to ban any military linked rugby players from playing in the rugby world cup?

Fiji, on account of New Zealand's political disputes to the military regime in Fiji.

Is the Birman cat breed popular in New Zealand?

The Birman breed of cat is popular in New Zealand.

Famous nz hockey players?

Who are some famus new zealand hockey players?

Are all of the players on the All Blacks New Zealand rugby team Maori?

No, the All Blacks are selected from all New Zealander players. The New Zealand Maori representative side is selected from Maori players.

Are there any bakugan tournaments in New Zealand?

no there is not enough players

Who is a popular artists in new zealand?


Is cheetos popular in new zealand?

cheetos doesn't even exist in new zealand

Why is rugby union popular in new zealand?

Because there is not much else to do in New Zealand

Is new Zealand playing in srilanka during the world cup 2011?

Yes New Zealand will be playing at the 2010 world cup.

Do youth rugby players have to wear a mouthguard?

In New Zealand, yes

Who are the most famous football players in new zealand?

It is Ryan Neilson.

Which country was settled last great Britain and new zealand or Madagascar?

New Zealand you 5th grade players lol

What is the most popular city in New Zealand?

The most pupular city in New Zealand is Auckland

Is wellington popular?

in new zealand yes infact it s the capital city of new zealand

What is the popular film shot in New Zealand?

The Lord of the Rings movies were shot in New Zealand.

What new zealands popular sport?

Rugby is New Zealand most popular sport. The All Blacks is the rugby team that represents New Zealand

Who predominantly plays Rugby the sport in NZ?

In New Zealand, about 90% of players are male, ranging from ages 8 - 40. Rugby is fairly popular in women up to about the age of 18.

Which sport is not popular in New Zealand?

Hand Ball