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There is usually 9 people defensively on the field and about 12 people on a team

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Q: How many people play softball?
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How many people play softball in the US?

About 56 million people play softball around the world

How many people play softball in the world?

how many people in the world are playing softball?

How many people are needed on softball team in order to play?

There needs to be at least 9 people to play on a softball team.

How many people play softball in Africa?


How many people do you need to play in a softball game?

as many as you want

How many people in Australia play softball?

Not very many..Not very many..

What is the oldest you can be to play softball?

There are many leagues that at co-ed slowpitch softball. These leagues are designed so that many different ages of people can play. I know people in their fifties on these teams.

How may people play softball?

9 people play on the softball field at once

How many people are on the softball filed while in play?

10 or 9

How many people does it take to play softball?

most of the time it only takes 9 people.

How many people play softball worldwide?

well there is about 15 million organized softball teams in America alone .. I have no clue about worldwide unfortunately ..

How many countries play softball?

In about every conutry they play softball. The only one that i know that softball is not really played is in the middle east.

How many people can play softball at one time?

9 on the field in fastpitch and 10 in slowpitch

How many teams play softball?


How many countries play women softball?

110 countries play women and men's softball, i have never heard of a country that only permits women's softball.

When do play softball?

You play softball in the spring and in the summer!

When play Softball?

You play softball in the spring and in the summer!

What sports do people play in Italy?

they play baseball softball hockey and tennis.

Can you play softball with a belly ring?

I don't see how, or why you would want to. Most people use a softball.

What percent of people play softball in the US?

65 percent

How many play fast pitch softball?


How many girls play fastpitch softball in the US?


What is the softball used for?

To play softball

What age do you have to be to play softball?

what age do you have to be to play pro softball

What sports do people play in Tasmania?

I think people in Tasmania usually play like cricket or softball